My Life Sucks-I Want To Die

My life sucks, I do not know how else to say it. I am so unhappy,sad,broken,bored with life. I truly want to commit suicide.Nothing in this world bring me peace,or happiness anymore.

man sitting in deep thought,my life sucks

I am truly sorry about your life. But life is unpredictable. Everyone, of us who breath breath will suffer some type of disappoint, heartache in this life.   It doesn't matter your status,(your educational background),where you live or who your family are

  • I'm tired of the things  that I face in life  everyday. Sometimes I feel that my family,my husband/wife doesn't love me anymore
  • Life sucks,then I go to school, and my friends just  make me sick. I just hate my life again more,what do I do?.
  • I cannot feel love no manner how i try, (life sucks for me).
  • I'm from a different country,and the people in the state just make me feel like I'm retarded. Sometimes, I just don't want to talk,(I feel that I'm not good enough). Life sucks for me. I hate my life.
  • Because of my race, sometimes  I just feel like I don't even want to try. I'm looked down upon  no matter what I do, or how good I'm.  I hate my life.
  • I studied hard in college/University,and graduated with my degree. But I cannot find a job no matter how hard I try.I even tried to do something different,but they wont hire me. I'm over qualified, and cannot find work. Who is going to pay my   mortgage.  My life sucks.
  • "I'm middle-age and I'm lost my job to a younger person,I tried to get a job for less money, doing something totally different,but I cant find work. No-one will hire me.
  • My home in foreclosure,and I'm penniless. I just want to commit suicide and be done with it all. My life sucks,sucks, sucks.

life Can Be Really Challenging

But do not give up-YOU HAVE HOPE!. 

One of the most horrible sins,is to murromeone. ("self murder"included). God will forgive any sin when you are "alive" and you ask forgiveness. But when you commit suicide, there's no hope,(you have no personal relationship with God),when you are dead.

  • Suicide, Is The Beginning
    of a dreadful destiny..

  • Death Is Not the End when
    you End your life..

  • Don't give into the Devils
    lie that you will be happy after death..
  • For your "Soul" sake...
  • Do Not allow Satan to WIN!
  • Do not give Satan your soul!
  • God has a plan for your life
  • The unhappiness,emptiness
    you feel, is your
    soul crying out for help -

  • Your soul is longing for
    peace and joy,
    and what God created you for,but you are
    restless ...
  • Choose your destiny wisely!

Everything Sucks

And your future doesn't look bright. You're living  with unfulfilled dreams, (so you want to die). Killing yourself is not a solution. Jesus is the Way, the truth and the light.

Life truly sucks. All the things  that you need you don't have.  All the things that you once had,(now it's all gone).

Do not be preoccupied with committing  suicide . There's a way out for you,(do not quit  life now!).

Religion Sucks

Remember, choose your destiny wisely. life after death with suicide ,and without Christ,is dreadful, whether life sucks or not..  Regardless of how good you are, even if you sell your body to  take care of the poor.

You are not going to heaven by being a RELIGIOUS  PERSON.(even if you're a good person) Religion doesn't give you peace, joy, and fulfilled  in this life-you will still be wondering why you are here in this life. Life  will suck, but God is the deliverer. Who is God?

  • God is the The Creator, of the universe.. (Genesis 1: 1-5,).

  • God is The Maker of the world, and everything in it. 
  • God is the Lord of heaven and earth. ( Acts 17: 22 - 31)
  • God is Holy..He was from the beginning,( Isaiah 6:3).
  • God is Righteous, in all his glory, yet we have not obeyed
    him. (Daniel 9:14).
  • God is Pure; earthly man cannot behold his glory,(Proverbs 30:5)
  • I am the LORD, and there is no God beside me:
     I girded thee, though  you do not know me(Isaiah 45:5)

 But God is  Holy and trustworthy to deliver you.  He is Righteous, and wants to help you. 

You, are sinful, unholy, unrighteous who believes life is unfair. You were born a sinner,you want to commit suicide, and therefore you cannot go into God's HEAVEN  when you are dead.

You cannot enter through the gate to  HIS  HOLY KINGDOM, when you kill yourself. You must be PURE, CLEAN, AND HOLY to enter God's heaven, You cannot  commit "self murder" or "suicide"(Romans 3:23).

Christ died for all people of the world,so that all people can find peace in their soul,and eternal life when they died,(if they accept Jesus into their heart .

THINK  of This Scenario.

The president of the United State is a mere mortal man. No-one,can  enter the White House and stand in his presence, unless he was invited. Even then,(none of us, can just walk up to him and speak to him,(just because we like him a lot).

There are rules,and regulations to follow for the president.

Just (as you must abide by the rules of the white house). You must abide by the rules of heaven. If we do not follow the rules for heaven), (there will be  consequences),(Hell). 

Life sucks. But you do not trust, or believe in God, (yet you want to go to God's White House), " God's heaven"  "God's paradise"-"God's dwelling place" by committing suicide. Wow!!

You are not qualified for heaven when you commit suicide,(or even if you died without accepting jesus christ as lord and savior).

If  you do not know the builder,and owner of heaven, (and meet His requirement you are not welcome there).

Find a New Life-When Life Sucks....

Your body is God's temple,but you destroy it.   You  destroyed God's  temple when you commit suicide, and him shall  God destroy.) (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).   

While you are still in a sinful world, no religion, no good moral ways). No  good education, (being a good person), can make you pure and holy for God's heaven.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ,(God's son), can change your life inside out.  Jesus Christ only, can make you fit for heaven when you are living in a impure world full of sin and wickedness.  

"The Lord brings death and makes alive.He brings down to the grave and raises  up."(1 Samuel 2:6).   (God is not a religion).

THIS WONDERFUL GOD -He DOESN'T WANT YOU to commit suicide. "Religion" "JOINING A CHURCH" cannot save you,

But REPENTANCE..BELIEVING IN GOD, and  accepting His son JESUS CHRIST, as Lord, and Savior WILL save you from eternal Hell  life may still sucks,but now you have peace in Jesus Christ,to take you through all the pain and sorrow that you may encounter in this life.

Pain in this Life

Life  does sucks at times,no matter what you do.  You need help.You need someone to be with you. Someone to be a shelter for you.  And only Jesus Christ can be that shelter and protector for you.

Christ only, can fill your void and longing in your soul,(no sex,no money,no education,no career. No fancy cars,no beautiful homes,no perfect mate),can do that for you,(you will always find a void in your soul with all earthly things).  

Jesus only can fill your void. (life sucks for sure at times). You can have a change life in Jesus Christ).

Duty of Man-Even When Life Sucks

The bible the word of God declare: The whole conclusion of the matter is: "Fear God and keep his commandments,for" this is the duty of all mankind.For God will bring every deed into judgment,including every hidden thing,whether it is good or evil."

God, is speaking to you. ..

listen with all your heart...

 We were placed on earth to to Serve God-to Fear God-to keep  God's commandments. 

But,We are sinful,wretched,unholy people."For to be carnally minded is death;but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. for the carnal mind is enmity against God:So those who are in flesh cannot please God,(Romans 8:6-8).   

Your (eyes are blind to the things of God right now and you can only see your problems). But with Jesus in your heart,you will see all things differently,even when life sucks.(a way to cope with suicide thoughts)

Be Set  Free When Life Sucks

Jesus shed his blood on Calvary's Cross,to be a Ransom for our sins. His Blood  Sacrifice  for us forever,especially when life sucks. 

Without the  shedding of blood,there is no remission for sin,(Hebrews 9:22). We can go straight to Jesus for forgiveness, without   asking any human beings to do that for us.

Jesus Christ, speak to God the father, on our behalf, when we call on Him, and ask forgiveness(John 3:16-21),(John 14:6).Life sucks.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,that whosoever believes in Him,shouldn't perish,but
have everlasting life. For God didn't send His Son into the world to            condemn the world,but to save the world through Him might be saved" (John 3:16,17).  Life sucks,but God will be with you. 

Even when you are sinking in the mire clay of life, do not let go. do not give in, there is hope. Be Unshackled!   

  • Everything may sucks...
  • But do Not Commit Suicide..
  • Do Not Stay in Unbelief!.
  • Do not continue to internalize
    suicidal thoughts because
    life sucks and you feel
    awful now....
  • Believe the bible -it's not a
    book of myths. ..
  • The Bible is God holy word,
    so that man Has  
    Directions  in his life..
  • Man doesn't interprets,
    and write what he wants    

How to Find Hope

 "That if you will confess with  your mouth the Lord Jesus,
and shall believe in your heart that God hath raised
Him from the dead,you shall be saved. For with the heart man believe unto righteous,But with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.For whosoever call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13)

Prayer for Life Sucks

 Jesus Christ, I come to you for forgiveness of my sin. Please accept me as your child for heaven. Please take my eyes off of myself, and help me to love others and help me to overcome issues that make life sucks. Take away suicidal thoughts from me,amen


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