My Life Sucks-
I Want To Kill Myself

"My life sucks, I do not know how else to say it, but I want to die. I am so unhappy,sad,broken,bored with life.  I truly want to commit suicide.Nothing in this world brings me pleasure,peace,or happiness anymore."

Man looking away in deep thought-my life sucks

Unfortunately, everyone, of us who are alive, will suffer some type of disappointment, heartache,or deep despair in this life.

It doesn't matter what our status is,(what's our educational level),where we live, who our family are. Life is a mystery, and challenges affects us all. 

Do Not Give Up!

One of the most horrible sins,is to murder someone. ("self murder"included). God will forgive any sin when we are "alive" and  ask forgiveness.

But when we commit suicide, there's no hope,(we have no personal relationship with God),when we are dead. We cannot give up our life to Satan.

  • Suicide, Is The Beginning
    of a dreadful destiny..

  • Don't give into the Devil's lies that you will be happy after death..
  • For your "Soul" sake...
  • Do Not allow Satan to WIN!
  • Do not give Satan your soul!
  • Choose your destiny wisely!
  • The unhappiness,emptiness
    you feel, is your
    soul crying out for help -

  • Your soul is longing for
    peace and joy,
    and what God created you for,but you are
    restless ...

Everything Sucks

Your future may not look bright in your eyes. You're  currently living  with unfulfilled dreams, (you want to die). Killing yourself is not a solution. JESUS CHRIST, IS THE WAY OUT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Submitting to Jesus, is not a "religion."

Do not be preoccupied with committing  suicide . DO NOT QUIT LIFE NOW,even though the issues of your life is great.

Religion Can't Save You

Remember, choose your destiny wisely. life after death with suicide ,and without Christ,is dreadful, (in the after life). Even if you sell your body to  take care of the poor. You are not going to heaven by being a RELIGIOUS PERSON.

Religion doesn't provide you joy, and filled the empty feeling in your soul,(or prepare you for eternal life in the world to come). God,(His Son Jesus christ),is the only way out.

  • God is the The Creator, of the universe.. (Genesis 1: 1-5,).
  •  God is the Lord of heaven and earth. ( Acts 17: 22 - 31)
  • God is Holy..He was from the beginning,( Isaiah 6:3).
  • God is Pure; earthly man cannot behold his glory,(Proverbs 30:5)
  • I am the LORD, and there is no God beside me:
     I girded thee, though  you do not know me(Isaiah 45:5). Life sucks, but you can experience a change life.

God Wants to Help You

 You were born a sinner,(now you want to commit suicide), therefore, you cannot go into God's holy HEAVEN  when you destroy God's temple with the best suicide method.

You must be PURE, CLEAN, AND HOLY. You cannot  murder yourself, or go to heaven without repentance."(Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23),(1 Peter 1:16)

Christ died for all people of the world,so that all people can find peace in their soul,and eternal life when they accepted Jesus Christ into their heart by faith. Some aspect of life will always sucks.


The president of the United State is a mere mortal man. You must show him respect. No-one,can just enter into the White House and demanded to see the president, (unless you were invited). Even then,(you can't just walk in and speak to him,(there are protocols to follow).

Likewise, just (as you must abide by the protocols of the (White House on earth). You must  also abide by the (protocols of Heaven). If we do not follow the rules for heaven, there will be  consequences-(Hell). 

Life sucks,yes. but If  you do not know the builder-and owner of heaven- (and meet His requirements. How can you be welcome in His home?).

Find a New Life-When Life Sucks....

While you are still in a sinful world, no religion, no good moral ways). No  good education, (being a good person), can make you pure and holy for God's heaven.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ,(God's son), can change your life inside out.  Jesus Christ only, can make you fit for heaven when you are living in a impure world full of sin and wickedness.  

"God, is not a Religion"

THIS WONDERFUL GOD -He DOESN'T WANT YOU to commit suicide. "Religion" "JOINING A CHURCH" cannot save you, As mentioned:

"ONLY REPENTANCE."  accepting God's son JESUS CHRIST, as Lord, and Savior CAN save you from eternal Hell  

Duty of Man-Even When Life Sucks

The word of God declare: The whole conclusion of the matter is: "Fear God and keep his commandments,for" this is the duty of all mankind.For God will bring every deed into judgment,including every hidden thing,whether it is good or evil."(Ecclesiastes 12:13)

  • God, is speaking to you. ..
  • listen with all your heart...

When accept Jesus Christ into your heart,you will see all things differently,even when life sucks.(a way to coping with suicide thoughts)

As mentioned - Jesus shed his blood on Calvary's Cross,to be a Ransom for our sins. His Blood  Sacrifice  for us forever,even when life sucks.

Without the  shedding of blood,there is no remission for sin,(Hebrews 9:22). We can go straight to Jesus for forgiveness, without   asking any human beings to do that for us.

Jesus Christ, speak to God the father, on our behalf, when we call on Him, and ask forgiveness(John 3:16-21),(John 14:6) although life sucks. sucks. Join prophet tb Joshua to get out of the pit of life via prayer.

  • Do Not Commit Suicide..
  • Do Not Stay in Unbelief!.
  • Do not continue to internalize
    suicidal thoughts because
    life sucks and you feel
    awful now....
  • Believe the bible -it's not a
    book of myths. ..
  • The Bible is God's holy word,
    so that man Has  
    Directions  in his life..

How to Find Hope

  • Life sucks,but  if you will confess with  your mouth the Lord Jesus,and believe in your heart that God raised Christ from the dead,you shall be saved.
  • For with the heart man believe unrighteous,But with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
  • For though life sucks,call upon the name of the Lord,and you shall be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13)

Prayer for Life Sucks

 Jesus Christ, I come to you for forgiveness of my sin. Please accept me as your child for heaven. Please take my eyes off of myself, and help me to love others and help them,as you love and help me. Help me to overcome challenges even when life sucks. Take away suicidal thoughts from me,Amen

From to Life is Precious

Why Does Your Life Sucks?

I know for sure that life sucks at times,I experience it. Share Your Story.

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