Students Commit Suicide-
There's A Way When Overwhelmed

Many Students commit suicide abruptly,while others contemplated suicide for a extended period without sharing their struggles with anyone  Majority of the students were experiencing depression, increased stress,social anxiety. 

college buddies walking together-students commits suicide

Feeling overwhelmed,but their pain were well hidden.  Some demonstrated  a happy balanced demeanor. And engaged in class  activities frequently.  So it shock everyone when they succumb to suicide.

Preparing for colleges/university is a exciting,nerve wrecking,fearful,heart throbbing experience. It's also a fascinating,joyful, happy time of life. A joy of accomplishing a milestone,(and about to embark on a new adventure of a lifetime).

While In college,when the journey become too chaotic for you,(share it with someone). If you cannot communicate face to face with a counselor, go online,and find a group. There are many students facing the same issues like you. Do not suicide.

Students commit suicide beaks everyone's heart,(even people who don't know you).  But can you imagine the devastating effect on your family and loved ones?

Worldwide Students Commit Suicide

  • Many students kill themselves because they were forced by family into a career choice they didn't like,(then they began to struggle to cope with it or they fear failure)
  •  Depression sets in, with a  feeling  of exhaustion,(some from work,and studying at the same time),because of financial problems. 
  •  Many a times it's also social interactions,(not having  strong emotional bond with anyone),feeling terrible isolated and lonely. Suicide is not the answer.
  •  Sometimes, it's sleeping less,(or cannot sleep at all). Overengaged brain,(and not participating in any form of recreational outlet, or  relaxation.
  • It's also living up to the standard and expectations of family and friends,and missing out on finding out who you are, (not being yourself).

Pursuing Your Dreams 

Students, you have seen,and experience  that nothing in this life is ever easy. Whether it's practical learning experience. or Increasing knowledge intellectually,and personally with academic study.

You dream to become a more magnificent human being. Do not quick. Students commit suicide during  challenging times,is not a solution. Complete the journey you started,(there is hope for you). Reach out for support,(there are other students just like you), SHARE. Suicide-do not kill yourself.

Interns/Medical students Suicide

Why Interns/Medical students commit suicide?. Do you remember when you decided to become a medical doctor? You couldn't wait to commence training. You dream of helping people,(and becoming the best doctor in your field).

Some of you wanted to dedicate your life and training to work among the poor,(despite your enormous student loan). Students commit suicide,is not the way.

Many other students dream of living a lavish lifestyle in the future (residing in a  sophisticated upscale neighborhood), flaunting your prestige). 

Now here you are in medical school, or practicing as an intern,(but you're contemplating suicide).Why? Your desire to shut-down and quit life is an attack beyond  human comprehension. Suicide is not the way.

Sacrificing To Achieve

Nothing is wrong with  desiring to enjoy the better things of life, from your education, hardwork and dedication. But as a medical student/intern,a college/university student,(or any student). You have  forgotten to carry "someone magnificent" along with you. Students commit suicide,(don't let Satan laugh,when you kill yourself).

Satan see your dreams and bright future, he send a couple of his demons to interrupt your journey,(and destroy your plans). He block your eyes from success,and bombarded you with failure,(drawing you closer to his kingdom hell). Your suicidal thoughts  becoming  more prevalent.

You become more disappointed,depressed,worried,fearful of failure,overwhelmed and nervous. You cannot concentrate,cannot sleep. You experience the inability to quickly process unexpected challenges,(leading you to the final point of suicide). Then this is where Satan won, (you may be one more soul in his kingdom), hell. The journey end,when students commit suicide.Do not let Satan win!

Your First Priority

The richest man of the bible king Solomon declare:"The whole duty of man is to fear God, and keep His commandments"(Ecclesiastes 12:13). Please, I didn't  say,become a "RELIGIOUS PERSON"  But "fear God" and "keep His commandments. THIS IS NOT A RELIGION. But fearing God,includes accepting Him as Lord and Savior. God send His Son to be a (blood sacrifice) for mankind; to pardon man sin. (John 3:16).

1.   God declare:if you accept my Son,you shall have life. (if you reject my son, you shall not see life). You cannot "get to heaven" when you reject God.(1 John 5:10-13 ).  But many students are too busy with their lives,and reject God. Some do not even believe there is a God.  Then overwhelming issues lead to students commit suicide.

2.   When you deny God, you are foolish,(Psalm 14:1-3 ), However,you believe you will go to (God's  home,God's  heaven, for peace and happiness when you are finally dead).  How is that possible?  

Senario: Someone you know, (you hate,and despise them). You exhibit the hate and anger you feel towards them openly. You even verbalize your hate in their hearing. As fate would have it, (sometime in life,you become sick unto death). Will you invite this person into your home,to take care of you? that is not possible

3.   Then how is it, you  hate God, (denied that there is a God). Kick God out of your everyday life, and lifestyle. But you hope to go to God "heaven" when you suicide? That's not possible. Students commit suicide, (do not kill yourself)...SHARE YOUR PAIN WITH SOMEONE.....GOD, HE IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU.

"Serving God  is your first priority."  God, is not a "Religion" accepting Jesus Christ as your "Lord and Savior" is not a "Religion." In God you will find unconditional love,understanding,peace on earth.

And eternal happiness in heaven. Turn to God sincerely in prayer,(from your heart). When the Challenges as a student  become overwhelming,(students commit suicide,is not the way).

Regardless of What Student You Are

  • As a student, If you will (confess with your  mouth) the Lord Jesus). And (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(thus you will be saved).
  • For it's with (your heart that you believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (if you and any student) call upon the name of the Lord,you shall be saved" (Romans 10:9,10,13 revised). Students commit suicide,will not grant you God's Grace.

Prayer for Students Commit Suicide

Lord Jesus in heaven, i believe that i'm a sinner, please forgive me of my sin. Please accept me today as your child for heaven. Please remove the desire to commit suicide, and give me strength to overcome challenges of this life, (challenges as a student). I believe and will serve you with all my heart. I refuse to be a statistic of students commit suicide, in Jesus name,Amen

From To Suicide  Ur Precious Life

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