If I Kill Myself-

If i kill myself, where will i go? The christian religion believes that they are the only ones going to heaven. And that  if any other religion, including christians, commit suicide” we are not going to heaven. Prove to me where I'm going in my afterlife if I suicide.

sad young woman sitting -if i kill myself

I Desire Eternal Peace and Joy For You

I am here,not attempting to condemn anyone to hell,(i definitely desire everyone to go to heaven), regardless of your religious belief,(however,God is the creator of heaven and earth,and the giver of life).

He declare specific rules and regulations for all tribe, nations,language and tongue to do(to enter into his kingdom). If i kill myself,there will be consequences

God outlined in His book, the Bible,everything about Himself,His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God place eternity in man's heart,and a desire to follow Him. He  also allow man to choose his own destiny. He doesn't FORCE man to LOVE HIM, OR CHOOSE HIM. He impart to man a FREE WILL.

If i kill myself, or anyone, there will be  eternal punishment. I MUST BE ALIVE, to personally ask for forgiveness for my own sin,(in this life).

“And we know that no murderers have "eternal life" abiding in him”(1 John 3:15).Find answers,encouragement,hope,for this world,and the world to come after death.(from these web pages).

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If I Kill Myself- I 've Played Russian Roulette With My Soul

Let's celebrate life's process. Do not quit in the beginning,middle,or even when approaching the end of life’s  journey. Killing yourself is Satan’s trap to send you into his kingdom. If i kill myself, I’m condemning my own soul to eternity without God forever.

  • The race is not for the swift
  • Nor the battle for the strong
  • Nor bread to the wise
  • Nor riches to men of understanding,
  • Nor favor to men of skill,
  • But time and chances happen to them all
  • (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Do not cheat life, (by taking a short-cut to reach  the goal), of life's journey. Killing yourself is not a (express entry to win the prize) "Heaven.” You will not escape trials,tribulations,and pain forever, (when you're dead). You will encounter greater sorrow in hell.. I will kill myself, is not the way out.

If you despise this warning, (and kill yourself anyway).  After death, you will see  the error of “self murder” You will  realize (the terror,the dread,the horrific fear,the eternal pain), that will never end. BUT YOU CANNOT RETURN BACK TO LIFE. Do not seal your eternal destiny of no return.

Please do not kill yourself!

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