Leads to Suicide

Unemployment stinks, "I have been down to the very lowest point of my life." 

pregnant unemployed woman begging-Suicide-Unemployed in America

"Just a year before unemployment, I had a great job that i was proud of,(and I had a lovely well furnished apartment in a sought-after neighborhood). Now i can barely afford a dingy motel room." 

"I once enjoyed my job,and where i live,(I was doing very well, now I cannot even afford simply toiletry").

"When the recession hit, (it seems that everyone everywhere were downsizing).I never thought that I would be affected."  

"I was informed that my hours would be cut, (then everything went downhill  ever since"). 

"After the recession,I never seemed to recover,(i never got back to where I was").

"I experienced unemployment several times in my life,(and it seems that I have to work at two jobs to make ends meet,(both jobs were temporary, now I'm unemployed again."

          1). Unemployment, and being unemployed
               in America, leads to suicide, and can
               rob  any man of his sanity- it drains
               the energy, and takes away a person's pride
               and self respect.

          2). Being unemployed  leaves a individual feeling
               helpless,worthless, and sad.  the person's
                energy  feels depleted, (and the individual cannot
               seem to face the day), one of the greatest
               fear is (loosing it) -going insane,
               or committing suicide.

As a individual facing unemployment,if you believe in God, (or a higher power. You probably is praying earnestly  that neither of the above will happen to you,(going insane because of your critical  situation.

Coping with  Unemployment-Suicidal, Hopeless,Loveless and Broke...

You were once that individual who believe in where you were going in life. Now the directions in your life has suddenly changed).

Why bother,you lament:"I've had enough of this,I cannot take this it anymore" 

"I want to commit suicide, I'm jobless,loveless and broke."  "No one even care about me and what I'm going through." 

Cheer up! dear one, there is still Hope after unemployment. There is eternal hope for you.

Even though there is great unemployment in America, (and unemployment in different parts of the world, you cannot quit life.

Do not  destroy your life and soul,(Satan will be happy if you did). Life is Worth Living, even though you are facing unemployment.

Being unemployed affects every aspect of your life, but hang in there,there is still hope for you. For example,perhaps your once manicured nails are no longer polished). 

Perhaps  you don't  feel that it's necessary to coordinate your clothing anymore)).  However,do not give up, do not give in. 

You have something that thousands of folks across the world have taken from themselves.

At the beginning of the recession, and even now,(they  have committed suicide (from losing a job to unemployment).

  • They took their life, when the going was rough..
  • Listen! did you hear it?
  • Did you feel it?
  • You got it! -you're breathing!!"you are ALIVE!" 
  • AND ONCE THERE IS LIFE,THERE'S HOPE                      

Unemployment Hurts-But Be Better Than You  Have Ever Been...

  • You can pick yourself up again... 
  • You have a rich story -(don't lose it,it's fascinating)...
  • You got a book to write,a blog to blog,a profitable website to build and make an incredible income... 
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself when you have such  a rich and fascinating LIFE.... 
  • How else were you going-to know what it's like to be homeless if you didn't experience it...
  • How else were you going write about poverty if you didn't live it? 
  • How else were you going to talk about foreclosure and the impact it has on an individual if you didn't experience it?
  •  How else were you going to talk about the unemployment checks when it cease, and what it can do to a person,(if you didn't personally experience it?)

Unemployed-But Why Waste Precious Life  on Eternal Suicide?

Unemployment may make you feel useless at times, but  deep inside yourself you know that you truly want to work, (and you did everything you could to find a job).

Do not give upon yourself. Live  your life in pride NOW,(regardless of where you live). Remember to remind yourself,(that you  are just  participating in an experiment). 

If you have a foreclosed property),it's not the end, you can  begin again. Get up! from where you are sitting or Lying down,(and start living your story) -

Find you some note pad,(or an old computer) and start writing  down your experience. 

Let your imagination and thoughts come alive with who you really are.  You have the hundreds,the thousands,or the millions of dollars (inside of you).

Facing Unemployment But Talented  and Educated

Perhaps you  have the best training  in your career choice,but you are still facing unemployment. 

Where is your hidden talent? (who are you?).  If you were working in your chosen field today, you probably would never have discovered what it's like to live a true story,(real life situations),that is painful). 

You can  make a living with your  experience,(you have just find your hidden gifts and talent).

You can do better  without a 9-5 job,(it takes hard work and time),but you got it all).

You can write this story about your life,(write about what is on your mind).  Have you tried, or experimented on something else new lately? 

You should   try something new,(do not feel sorry for yourself). 

1) Many people like yourself- didn't
believe that they could be successful
in a economy down time, (until  they
started running to the bank).

2) The bank account you once had,
(probably was very good). But think
how hard you had to work,(yet  you
weren't rewarded with "thank you"
most of the time).

2) Perhaps,I never had the training
and education you had,(however I'm
attempting to encourage you the best way I can,(to help you change your life).  Start living your life with every food you consume (with family.

friends,or perhaps at a shelter).

3) Start living your best life for the
first time (with  ever minute you
sleep (even if it's in your vehicle).  Make your imagination, (come alive and work for you),for a new beginning.

4) Start working on your  new project.  Do not (inform your family or friends about what you wish to pursue), just do it!.  Sometimes,
(those closest to your heart will 
dissuade you from pursuing new ideas), then  you will be more discouraged.

Unemployed  for Several Years-You Still  can Be Successful ..

I read online -

  1. "If my life doesn't get better, I will kill myself",
  2. "why can't I find a job?"
  3. "How do you cope when your spouse is unemployed?",
  4. "I'm almost ready to kill myself, I cannot pay my student loan",
  5. "I cannot find a job, my loans will crush me, I have no job".

These are serious statements. I want you, and the world to know that things can get better for you, (turn your negative to positive), with your words. TRUST IN GOD FOR A NEW BEGINNING.

Though you have been unemployed for several years,you still can be successful,(you still can find a successful job). There ie hope for you.

You Have Time to Change Your Life Though Unemployed...

1) As mentioned, If you were (working in the job you once had),or the job that you are currently aspiring  for). 

You would never have the time to pursue  the success that you can achieve now.   You  have more time on your hand  now,to  take a  leap of faith), and start a new  project(walk the road of success in your life).

2)  Once you started building  your blue print, (you can visit  Forums.and (request information from  members), who will help you up the ladder. 

3)  And when you walk the streets),I bet that  your brain will be overflowing with tons of ideas,stories (that  you cannot wait to share with the world).  It's then you will realize that being unemployed  is a blessing(your eyes will be open to new possibilities).

             1.  You may be tired,sad,
                  with life. You  are
                  tired of asking family
                  and friends for                 
                  assistance to sustain
                  you, (during unemployment)

             2.  Tell the world your story. And (even if you feel that you
                  do not know how to put contents together,you will
                  be shown how).

             3.  You (have the information that people are looking for.

             4.   What are you doing with your talent,your passion,
                   your gift?(you will have the money that you need to live
                   the lifestyle you want,                 

Learn to Trust Your Instinct Especially  During Unemployment

You  just have to take a chance to do what's right for you,(take a chance to build a  future and a presence locally or  online).

Some folks have great success story on the internet than others, but it all depends on what they  do, (or write about, and how much the world need their story). 

Success for others, (also comes from their understanding of the learning material that is presented to them) - how well, and how quickly.

They are able to understand and process the materials they need to grow).

Take your knowledge and ideas and turn it into a business and  into success.

a) You  definitely can earn a living from your experience,(all that you
know) which can help defray your incoming bills. You have time now to
start something new,(so do not sit there feeling pitiful).  There is a 
system that can help you  become successful.

b) Build your dreams,and turn it into reality,(communicate your passion
to the world),Talk about being unemployed in an unique way.

Gift  ideas for Yourself During Unemployment  Crisis

As I mentioned,I know what it's like to face unemployment, I know what it's like to have all my bills piling up unpaid.

I know what it's like to empty out,(or almost  emptied out all my savings).   I know what it's  like to do without the necessities of daily living,(I have been there.

I (created this website  during rough  times and good times) from SBI.

I had the (privilege to write what  what I choose to write on,(so can you).   

For those of you who still wish to work  a 9-5 job.   

Check out  Job seekers/unemployment,   

Are you in the helping profession? check out  counseling jobs   in your state.  Good luck!

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