Unemployed in America

Unemployment-suicide hurts everyone,regardless of how young or how old. It doesn't matter what country you are from. Many people have been  to this lowest point in life,(with this joblessness  problem), and eventually commit suicide.

unemployed woman begs on street-unemployment
  • People narrated about their experience with unemployment:"Just a year before  I was unemployed, I had a great job that i was proud of,(and I had a lovely well furnished apartment in a sought-after neighborhood). Now i can barely afford a dingy motel room." 
  • "I once enjoyed my job,and where i live,(I was doing very well, now I cannot even afford simply toiletry").
  • "When the recession hit, (it seems that everyone everywhere were downsizing).I never thought that I would be affected, now i want to suicide."  
  • "I was informed that my hours at work would be cut, (then everything went downhill  ever since"). 
  • "After the recession,I never seemed to recover,(i never got back to where I was before").
  • "I experienced unemployment several times in my life,(and it seems that I have to work at two jobs to make ends meet,(both jobs were temporary, now I'm unemployed again." "my unemployment check, cannot pay for my apartment  and my car insurance,I truly want to kill myself."

Unemployment in America, and around the world unfortunately lead to suicide, (in many individual). This problem can literally lead to insanity for some. It sure does drains the energy, (depletes pride and self respect).

I can attest to the fact that sometimes I definitely  feel helpless,worthless, and sad.  And at times,  (I don't want to face the day). One of my greatest fear is (losing it completely),that is, going insane,or committing suicide.

Unemployment A Trick of Satan

Did you know that Satan uses unemployment to gain access to souls for  his kingdom? How? when a person is unemployed,depressed and discouraged,(many wound up committing suicide), and end up in hell...Do Not Please Satan By Killing Yourself.

You were once that individual who believes in where you were going in life.  Then suddenly, the directions in your life changed). Why bother,you  declared:"I've had enough of this,I cannot take this it anymore" 

I  will commit suicide, "I'm jobless,loveless and broke."  "No one even care about me and what I'm going through." Cheer up!  there is still Hope after unemployment. I do care for you.

Even though there is great unemployment in America, (and people are suffering around the world), you cannot quit life.

Do not  destroy your life and soul with suicide, (as mentioned,Satan will be happy when you give up and kill yourself). But don't give him joy, for (your sorrow and pain). Life is worth Living. Unemployment doesn't worth your life, and your priceless soul.

Unemployment affects every aspect of our  life.  It has contributed to lost of lives across the world. At the beginning of the recession, and even now,(people have send themselves to a land of no return...

  • Yes, they committed suicide  when the going was rough..
  • Listen, did you hear it? did you feel it?Yes, you got it!  "You're breathing!!"you are ALIVE!" 
  • AND ONCE THERE IS LIFE,THERE'S HOPE                      

Better Than Before-With Unemployment

  • You can pick yourself up again... 
  • You have a rich story -(don't lose it,it's fascinating)...
  • You got a book to write,a blog to blog,a profitable website to build and make an incredible income... 
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself, (when you have such  a rich and fascinating LIFE).
  • How else were you going-to know what it's like to be homeless if you didn't experience it. Suicide is pointless.
  • How else were you going write about poverty if you didn't live it? (you cannot write about it or encourage someone who is facing it),when you are dead.
  • How else were you going to talk about foreclosure and the impact it has on an individual if you didn't experience it? (sure it's painful to lose your beautiful home). And experience a downward spiral to  your credit score. But life ca be good again.
  •  How else were you going to talk about the unemployment checks when it cease. And what impact it has on an individual,(if you didn't personally experience it?)

You're Not  a Useless Person

Unemployment may make you feel useless at times. But  deep inside yourself you know that you truly want to work, (and you did everything you could to find a job).

Do not give upon yourself. Live  your life in pride NOW,(regardless of where you live). Remember to remind yourself,(that you  are just  participating in an experiment). Therefore, you will not commit suicide.-

Find you some notepad,(or an old computer) and start writing  down your experience.  Let your imagination and thoughts come alive with who you really are.  You have the hundreds,the thousands,or the millions of dollars (inside of you). Share it with the world. Unemployment will not rob you of  life,(suicide will not end your life).

Talented  and Educated

Perhaps you  have the best training  in your career choice,but you are still  experiencing unemployment as we speak.

Do you have hidden talent? (who are you anyway?).  If you were working in your chosen field today, (you probably wouldn't have discovered) what it's like to live a true story,(real life situations,that is painful). You found out who you really are.

You realize that you can do  better  without a 9-5 job,(it takes hard work and time),but you got it all). Unemployed and suicidal is not the way.

Have you tried, or experimented on something new lately? Do not feel sorry for yourself. Ask a family member, or a friend to temporary sponsor this amazing gift SBI, and start building a lifestyle.

SBI Video Tour!
  • Many people like yourself- didn't believe that they could be successful in a economy down time, (until  they started running to the bank).
  • The bank account you once had,(probably was very good). But think how hard you had to work,(yet  you weren't rewarded with "thank you" most of the time).
  • Perhaps,I never had the training and education you had,(however I'm attempting to encourage you the best way I can,(to help you change your life).  Start living your life with every food you consume (with family.

          friends,or perhaps at a shelter).

  • Start living your best life for the first time (with  ever minute you sleep (even if it's in your vehicle).  Make your imagination, (come alive and work for you),for a new beginning.
  • Start working on your  new project.  Do not (inform your family or friends about what you wish to pursue), just do it!.  Sometimes, (those closest to your heart will  dissuade you from pursuing new ideas), then  you will be more discouraged.

Anyone Living Anywhere Can Be Successful

I read online -

  1. "If my life doesn't get better, I will kill  suicide",
  2. "why can't I find a job?"
  3. "How do you cope when your spouse is unemployed?",
  4. "I'm almost ready to commit suicide, I cannot pay my student loan",
  5. "I cannot find a job, my loans will crush me, I have no job".

These are serious statements. I want you, and the world to know that things can get better for you. Turn your negative to positive, (with your words). TRUST IN GOD FOR A NEW BEGINNING.

Though you have been unemployed for several months, or years -anyone, anywhere  still can be successful even when facing unemployment,(you still can find a successful job). There is hope for you.

As mentioned, If you were (working in the job you once had),or the job that you are currently aspiring  for). You would never have the time to pursue  the success that you can now achieve.  

With unemployment, you  have more time on your hand  now,to  take a  leap of faith), and start a new  project(walk the road to a new life). Do not suicide.

And when you walk the streets, (I bet that  your brain will be overflowing with tons of ideas,stories), that  you cannot wait to share with the world.   It's then you will realize that being unemployed  is a blessing, (your eyes will be open to new possibilities). When you suicide,you condemn your soul.

Pray with Prophet TB Joshua,(and if you can in the future, visit the SCOAN).

Help for Unemployment -

As I mentioned,I know what it's like to face unemployment, I know what it's like to have all my bills piling up unpaid.

I know what it's like to empty out,(or almost  emptied out all my savings). I know what it's  like to do without the necessities of daily living. I (created this website  during rough  times and good times).

I am writing about what i love to do, (loving and helping people all over the world). And I am thankful that you visited my website. God bless  Dr Ken Evoy, and the day that he founded Solo Build It!,(SiteSell).

For those of you who just want to work, Check out Gov/Private Jobs Your State.

Finding Peace-When Unemployment Make You Suicidal

Only those like myself who have been through unemployment  can truly attest to the pain it brings.  If it wasn't for the GRACE of God,(I too would have been a statistic). When I'm narrating God goodness,and mercy, I'm not talking about "Religion." 

I'm talking about the eternal God of heaven,(who created the heaven and earth), and breathe into man,the breath of life. I'm talking about the God who send His Only Son,Jesus Christ, (to die on the cross as a blood sacrifice for man's sin).

Despite unemployment, do not suicide.You too can know this God, and have peace,and joy,when everything around you is falling apart. This is how:

  • Unemployment hurts,but if you will (confess with your  mouth) the Lord Jesus. And (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(you shall be saved).
  • For it's with (your heart that you believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (if you as an employed person) call upon the name of the Lord,you shall be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13 revised...Suicide is not the way.

Prayer for Unemployment Suicide

Lord  Jesus Christ, thank you for dying on the cross for my sin. Wash me in your precious blood,save my soul today.Make me your child for heaven.Remove the desire to commit suicide. Open the windows of heaven, and bless me.Help me to trust you in good times and in unemployment rough times. Make me a channel of shining light,Amen 

 From To Precious Life

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