Unemployed and Suicidal-
Feeling Hopeless-Helpless

"I'm Unemployed and suicidal,life gets worst every single day. Right now I feel that everything in my life is falling apart,(or has failed). I feel so hopeless. 

woman sitting in shade alone,suicide and suicidal thoughts

I am sorry that you have reached this road-block in your life.You do not know what to do.  It's difficult, BUT DO NOT QUIT LIFE NOW.

Believe it or not,there is an unseen force of darkness ALL AROUND THE WORLD. It works  on everyone, (and if it find a weakness in you), regardless of what that weakness is,(it will enter to destroy your life and  your soul).

  • Perhaps your mortgage is past due,(and already two or more months in arrears)
  •  Your home may be foreclosed and you're facing  homelessness
  •  Your credit cards has cancelled,( now in collection)
  •  Other bills are now in collection 
  •  Your bank has just send you a notice that they closed your  account, secondary  to overdraft and a high negative balance ...unemployed and suicidal..what's new
  • Your only vehicle need service and isn't reliable anymore.  You're all alone   with no-one to help you.
  • Your unemployment checks runs out,(it was never enough),but it did help.
  •  You have just enough food to last for a week,(and you're wondering what you're going to do). Still do not quit life.

When You Hear Voices..

Satan coerced many individuals to  the point of depression. Then ultimately  self destruction is actualize by  committing suicide,(Satan gains another soul in hell).

When life's pain pulls you down,and you becomes sad,lethargic in deep despair,(then you want to hide yourself),from the world. Eventually, death is more desired. No, do not give in to satan's desire for you.

The feeling of depression, and a desire to leave this world may become an obsession,(this severe desire is derived from unemployment and suicidal thoughts). 

Unemployed and Suicidal- When Satan Wants you Dead!

Satan wants you dead for his purpose. He blind your eyes from seeing the future. He blocks  the perception so that you cannot see success ahead. You cannot dream or love anymore.  He hides the feeling of happiness and peace, so that your only thought is self annihilation. (I'm unemployed so long I cannot take this anymore).

The demons that Satan send  to torment you with unemployment, (inflict you with hopelessness,helplessness, and uselessness).  He whispers  in your ears, your heart,(death is better,death is sweeter, you will be happy when you suicide). 

Unemployment and suicidal when you feel that there's no way out. The word of God declares..

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,
against powers,against the rulers of darkness of this world,against
spiritual wickedness in high places"(Ephesians 6:12).(a suicidal spirit).

Do not listen to the voice within you,(coercing you to end your life). Suicide is an everlasting separation from God

Jesus Christ is not here to destroy you.He is here to help and deliver you.  Do not be afraid of Him,(or that He is going to send you to hell). He wants you to TURN TO HIM FOR FORGIVENESS, FREEDOM AND SALVATION. 

Travel Where the Job are- Unemployed and Suicidal

When you face unemployment, sometimes you may need to leave your familiar surroundings to find work in a different location, (state, or country). Sometimes you  may have to leave your precious country, international jobs abroad.

A new country, is far better than being (unemployed and suicidal) in America,or elsewhere in the world. A New beginning takes precedence over suicide or suicidal behavior. 

There are way out  for job seekers in your state. Some individuals may have to drive over an hour or  more to work. Extreme change is far better than being obsessed with killing yourself. 

Do not allow the devil to win,(and gain access to your soul for eternity(being unemployed and suicidal,then eventually commit suicide. 

 Satan Thinks He Defeated God-When You're Unemployed and Suicidal Suicidal

Perhaps you are more comfortable with the devil, WHO GETS MORE HONOR MORE THAN GOD, WHEN YOU'RE DOWN,(satan, is the destroyer of life and soul). 

Satan may even give riches and power,(then  eventually takes it back) after a individual learns to enjoy it. Satan knows that (unemployment,decreased in wealth, lead to unhappiness, brokenness, then eventually suicide).


Heaven is God's Home

A person Who is suicidal,and  eventually commits suicide, can NEVER ENTER INTO GOD'S HOLY HEAVEN) -INTO GOD'S HOME, INTO GOD'S KINGDOM,(GOD'S WHITE HOUSE).

WE MUST FIRST BE WASH CLEAN with the SHED BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST) .Christ  ONLY then can we be made PURE, and acceptable for heaven

'For God so loved the world,that He gave His only begotten"
Son that whoever believe in Him shall never perish, but have 
everlasting life.  For God did not send His son into the
world to condemn the world but that the world through Him
might be saved"(John 3:16-17)

You are unemployed and suicidal,(but do not disregard the trick of Satan). Your life and soul is precious. 

How To Change Your Destiny...

"If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and  believe in your heart that God has raised Christ from the dead,you shall be saved.

For with  the heart man believe unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is  made unto salvation.

For you, though unemployed and suicidal, call upon the name of the Lord,you shall be saved."(Romans 10:9-10,13 revised).

Where challenges of finance is concern. Remember that you can start something new in your life. You know something about something, (the natural gift and talent). Now is the time to use them.

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Prayer for Unemployed and Suicidal 

 Lord Jesus, come into my heart today, forgive all my sins. And make me a child for heaven. Make me a channel of shining light, where there is darkness. Remove suicidal thoughts from me, and help me to trust you with my whole heart, Amen 

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