Will God Forgive Suicide?
What's Your Opinion?

I want to know,"will God forgive suicide?" "many people like myself are in pain. We are tired of living; we do not believe suicide is a sin. We are discouraged with life; feeling hopeless,and helpless."

man walking away-will god forgive suicide?

"Nothing  we're trying are alleviating  the deep desire within us to end our life. How can we stop thinking about committing suicide?"

Dear one, focus on yourself right now. Think deeply about what is being presented to you at this very moment. One of the huge issue is, ( after suicide, what will happen when you enter the afterlife?). Do not attempt a permanent solution for a temporary problem to find out- will God forgive suicide?

You're being forewarned of the impending danger of suicide. Perhaps you hear a voice  compelling you to kill yourself,(it tells you that death is better than life). And that you will be free from pain forever.

Do not believe that lie,(that suicide will give you peace). Why believe the wicked, and take the chance to find out,(about life after death).

Satan Is Lying To You

  •  I'm sorry that life is not going great for you right now, (and you're feeling frustrated with everything).  And wondering will God forgive if you murder yourself.
  • Do Not obey your thoughts.  God forgive suicide,(any sin;except sinning against the holy ghost). 
  • However,you must be alive and on earth to ask forgiveness from the desire to suicide. If you kill yourself after asking forgiveness, (then that prayer was not "true" repentance),it's presumptuous sin. 
  • You lied to yourself and to God. Do not play russian roulette with your soul. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world,but lose his own soul for eternity?(Mark 8:36).

Do You Still Want To Kill Yourself?

Satan's demons are assigned to you by lucifer,(the demons of darkness). He send the demons  through a door(that you knowingly or unknowingly open). It could be a door,(as simple as downloading a specific file off the internet).

Perhaps,even opening up a app that was built to capture souls in a cunning way. Check your antecedents,and you will find the path. What activities are you engaged in now,  (or was involved in?). Will God forgive suicide? you're not just fighting against the powers of man for your life. You're fighting against the powers of darkness for your soul.

You must be willing to surrender your life to Christ,(Jesus the son of God only); not to "religion." Will God forgive suicide? It's appointed unto man once to die, but after death comes the the judgement,(Hebrews 9:27).

Once you're dead, or kill yourself, you have no more communication with God. God doesn't hear the prayers of the  dead. You will be waiting for God's judgment, at the appointed time(Romans 14:10-12;Revelation 20:12,13).

Will God Forgive Suicide? Death is not the end of life

Just as no one can live without a shadow.  No one can live without a soul(the soul is that very part of you that no one can see). The soul is the real you,the good,bad, the ugly,the magnificent you.

When you died, or suicide,(the real you,lives on for eternity). The soul cannot be  killed. The soul feels pain and sorrow even more intensely in death.

Have you ever  been exposed to phantom pain? (even when a body part is amputated,it still hurts, it still itches). You see things even more clearly when you're dead,(the dread of suicide,the terror,the fear,the sadness),your inability to escape torment. Your soul is alive crying out for help forever. It's like you are alive but in another dimension.

Two Types of Destiny

Unfortunately,not everyone goes to  heaven or find rest from pain and sorrow.

  • The first destiny,people accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord an Savior. They ask forgiveness of their sins. God is their heavenly father. While they  live on earth,(they may encounter persecution,suffering, great pain.But still have peace.
  •  When they depart this life, their(pain and sorrows will be wiped away forever).  The hurt of life will be forgotten,(heaven will be the final destination). God will wipe away all tears,(Revelation 22:3-6).
  • The second destiny, when death occurs,(pain and sorrow will continue after death. These people never accept christ as lord and savior. Some do not believe in God; others are just religious. Believing that if they perform lots of great works, (they will go to heaven).  
  • The latter, will have no opportunity to ask forgiveness of his sin when suicide, or when died(there will be no hope for heaven). No joy,no happiness,for eternity. Will God forgive suicide? it wii be too late to pray for forgiveness. Hell fire,will be the final destination.

People Words Convey Lies

Do not believe the lies of people on the internet,(they're Satan's implements, channeling you to self murder). Lucifer wants your precious soul in hell. Satan's (time on earth is running out,(Revelation 20:1-10)

Satan, will do whatever it takes to win your favor to kill yourself.  But God is waiting for you to surrender to Him too. 


Will God forgive suicide. If you do not believe the words being narrated to you- DO NOT KILL YOURSELF TO FIND OUT.

Satan Glorify Sin

All sin that you have committed  in your life,(and want to forget,Satan will always bring back to your remembrance). Some of them compounding your depression,sadness,self hatred,(and a greater desire to suicide).  God doesn't forgive those who cannot forgive themselves or other(Matthew 6:14-15; Colossians 3:13). 

Notwithstanding,once you answer the call of Christ in repentance.  GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU. God  will (never remember your sin any-more),(Hebrews 8:12;Isaiah 43:25).           

Still, you cannot kill yourself,(that would be presumptuous sin);should Satan bring those sin to your attention,(when you are forgiven

  • With true repentance, (the past sin will have no effect on you). In fact,you will even be happy, and willing  to share your past to help others.
  • You will not feel embarrassment,guilt, and shame.
  • Your test of life will be your testimony

How To Find Eternal Happiness

You can find eternal hope and happiness in this world, (and in the world to come,after death).

  • Regardless of who you are.  Ask God for forgiveness,mercy.
  • But you must (confess with your  mouth) the Lord Jesus,(instead of asking- will God forgive suicide).
  • Then you must(believe in your heart) that God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, (for you to be saved).
  • Know this, that with(your heart you  believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (any man,any nation,any language people who) call upon the name of the Lord,shall be saved" (Romans 10:9,10,13 revised). 
  • Will God forgive suicide? (choose life,and serve God with your whole heart- and help others find their way to God's peace,happiness,and eternal life instead.
  • Additional HELP  from Suicide Prevention Hotline:1-800-273-8255

Prayer for Will God Forgive Suicide

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,I wanted to know if you will forgive suicide. I realize that I'm a sinner heading for eternal hell. I thank you for dying on the cross for me;forgive my sins today;accept me a child bound for heaven today. Remove the evil of Satan's thoughts from me; give me strength to overcome challenges of this life. I will serve you forever, Amen.

Suicide-Your Precious Life

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