Suicide-And The Issues of Life

We all face great issues of life. Be it spiritual,social,mental,physical,emotional,sexual and psychological.  All these areas have impact on our life, and on our behavior, directly or indirectly.

man sitting in despair-great issues of life suicide

But even though the issues of life is enormous. Do not play Russian Roulette with your soul. What you wish for, directly or indirectly will eventually come to pass. 

You should stop verbalizing that you want to commit suicide.  You should stop participating in mock suicide,(such as pointing a rife, or a finger at  your temple). Indicating "I want to blow my brains out." You should stop voicing to anyone or to yourself that you want to die.

Unseen Force Fulfill Desire

Whether or not you believe in the bible, the word of God,it declares " this life, we are not fighting against human beings,but against principalities, and powers, and rulers of darkness of this world" (Ephesian 6:10-20).

You may not be a child of God. You have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Possible you do not even believe in God. But you have a soul.

The devil, Satan, knows everything about you. And he brings to you,(great issues of life). Such as depression, sadness,hopelessness,helplessness.

All the things that will hurt you personally, (that will make you discourage-give up on life, and commit suicide). Then you will be another soul Satan captures  for his kingdom, hell).

Issues of Life is Like a Sinking Pit

The  pain you encounter in your life, is like sinking in the  miry pit of deep darkness,(with  no rescue,no-one to help you out). 

You cry,scream,yell,pray,(you even bribe God). But  still no-one come to rescue you.  

The quit-sand in the pit of your life,is up  to your cheeks. You are gasping for air,but  still  you are alone, (and you're scared to die).  

But do not give up! keep crying out even in your faint voice Sometimes help comes at the very last minute, (when death seemed imminent). 

While You Are Alive There's Still Hope

When the devil is determine to have you dead, by self inflicted,body decapitation- "self murder" "suicide." Only one way to be totally through Jesus Christ.

As  mentioned,Satan knows your weakness, and he will strengthened them even more,(along with other issues to break your spirit).  The issues of life, overflowing.

The demons will bring you to a point where you cannot see anything good in yourself,or life,(you just want to die). 

Satan will not stop tugging at you.  He will make your life miserable.  Satan is afraid that if he allow you to live(someone like me), is going to give you a word of encouragement,(and introduce you to God).  

 Who You Are Doesn't Matter

    Suicide Knows No Boundaries
  • No educational level
  • No career choice
  • No large bank account
  • Who your family are
  • How nice the cloths you wear
  • Who you know-
  • Who your friends are
  • What neighborhood you live in
  • What car you drive--
  • What your race is--
  • Where you were born
  • How much money you can
    spend during shopping. Nothing can prevent you from killing yourself.except:
  • Jesus Christ only, can deliver you from Satan's grasp,(and the desire  to kill yourself). God is the  only Power, Greater, stronger than Satan, who will rescue, and save you.

But you will have to call upon Jesus Christ Name by faith).  He is the Son of  God.  He will not FORCE HIMSELF on you,(no matter how close you are to death)...

You Have to SEEK HIM BY FAITH, for forgiveness of your sin, then DELIVERANCE from Satan's grip.

Issues of Life-Why Some Commited Suicide- And Others Contemplating It..

  • You study hard for a degree/certificate but can't find a job.
  •  Your work hard and purchase a home,maintained it,now you lost it to foreclosure.
  • Where you live,you need transportation to get around,(you can't depend on family and friends),now your vehicle is repossessed.
  • You once had your own stuff,now you sleep in a shelter.
  • You can't pay your storage fee,now your stuff is going to be auction off.
  • They hate you because you are from another country;(they say you're taking their jobs).
  • You're  bullied on social media and at school.
  • You're lonely with nobody to love you.
  • You are having health issues.
  • You have death of loved-one/friend from suicide.
  • Feeling hopeless,helpless that things will never change
  • Lack of self esteem,self hatred;no longer feel 
    capable/worthy of love.
  • Having a illness, and chronic pain.
  • You're an illegal and can't find a job,,,,
  • You're facing Financial problems.
  • Peer pressure.
  • You are overweight and disgusted with yourself.
  • You have relationship problems
  • .You experience rape(and you're scared for your life).
  • You sleep in your vehicle,but you can't even afford gas..

Do Not kill Yourself -Issues of Life  is Temporary...  

The issues of life is not forever, (they are stages of life).  You cannot see that there is hope ,(but the future is a mystery), if you endure to the end. When Satan is  (whispering into your head to commit suicide). Cry out,Jesus, son of the Living God,save me!                                      

  • You're priceless,your soul is priceless!                                                        
  • Do not give in to suicide. You must not allow
    Satan to win this battle of life. 
  • You must not allow Satan rejoice with your death!   

Satan's demon Circle The Globe

Satan has his demons circling around the world looking for vulnerable  soul to destroy. Satan rejoice when you are hurting. When you are feeling broken).  It's Satan's opportunity (to work with you now).  He will try to destroy your body, and soul, with suicide.

He  will make you not want to believe or trust in God. This way he will achieve GREATER OPPORTUNITY TO DESTROY YOU). 

Cry out with all your heart TO JESUS. Putting away issues with the help of christ,(and abandon thoughts of suicide).

How to accept Christ Jesus:

  • The issues of life maybe great,but: if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God hath raised Christ  from the dead, you, shalt be saved.
  • For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
  • For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord  shall be saved."(Romans 10:9,10,:13)

Great Issues of Life Prayer..

Lord Jesus, great issues of life is weighing me down.Please forgive my sin , and accept me as your child forever. Give me peace, joy, and tranquility. Take away the desire to commit suicide. Give me a desire to serve you forever, Amen  

 From to life precious

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