Elderly Lonely Depressed Suicidal-
Is There A Way Out?

For some elderly,it hurts to be old. Elderly lonely depressed suicidal happens to people around the world.

woman sitting hand on chin-Elderly lonely depressed suicidal

If you're approaching old age status,you may  need divine intervention to assist you on your journey.

Many elderly people are treated differently,especially if they require assistance in certain aspect of their life,(thus some refuse to ask for help of any kind),because they feel embarrassed,(leading to elderly lonely depressed suicidal).

Rejection -Leads To Elderly Lonely Depressed Suicidal

Elderly people around the world,( feel lonely isolated,rejected,depressed at times in life),leading some to commit suicide). They were overcome by challenges.

I know of this this particularly woman,(she is in her mid sixties). But you could never tell,because she looks like a younger woman in her 30s. Apparently, she had an accident.

The people who rushed to assist her were all men, (who appeared to be in their late 40s perhaps early 50s). They literally were fussing over her,(asking if she was hurt,what they could do.). Then one man casually asked:how old are you? she responded honestly,(suddenly all the men dispersed). 

They left her there alone. It was as if since she was a older woman,she didn't require the love and attention anymore. She verbalized,(feeling deeply hurt). Elderly lonely depressed suicidal, is a reality derived from rejection.

Family Rejection Hurts The Most

This particular woman is an educated,trained professional. She lost her job during the recession, then obtained a  temporary one,(however, she is  unemployed again),attempting to complete with the younger generation for the same job.). 

At 64 years,she is elegant, younger looking,and verbalized feeling great). Unfortunately,once her age is disclosed,(some people,especially men, treat her differently, as if she has an incurable disease.

Since she no longer owns a vehicle, she must rely on public transportation,(which she never used before). One of her  family members informed her that,she shouldn't act like a (digifed proud woman anymore,)because she is now old age.

And that she shouldn't inform anyone what her farmer career was. This is conditional love. They love her, and was proud of her when things were going great for her, and when she was younger.  But now that she is facing (difficult situations,the love, and respect, is no longer evident). They abandoned her. Elderly lonely depressed suicidal happens quite regularly.

Stagnated Elderly

Some elderly are stuck in the rat race of (old age,that lead to hating themselves). Lack of resources, growing old without a companion,(or with a companion who only increase stress and pain). Thus,the elderly become disappointed,depressed,bitter,hating themself in old age.

Many elderly people refuse counseling,(when challenges increase), and they can't manage the stress of life anymore. They are embarrassed to share their concerns with anyone,(because they fear rejection).

Medical issues,overwhelming cost of medication,(some elderly are unable to maintain a proper diet),thus, their overall health deteriorates even more. There is a lack of love and friendship,(some companion and old friends deceased). Make life even more unbearable.

As a result,(because of decrease in funds), some elderly began to blame themselves,for (their inability to have save, or plan well for the future). When in fact, they did save well. But unemployment,medical cost, increased medication cost,and other factors, drain their funds. Thus elderly become more anxious,unable to maintain themselves, leading to elderly lonely depressed suicidal.(and eventually suicide).

There are ways for elderly to overcome negative challenges without finally actualizing suicide. One of the above woman overcome her challenges through PRAYER. Spending time in prayer to God, (giving thanks to God, in spite of her situation). Prayer brings her peace,joy, and happiness in times of great pain.

Praying to God, and meditating is not a "religion." Singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God,is not a religion. Reading the bible, is not a religion. Sincerely relying on God,can (bring peace,joy,happiness),to any elderly person.

Elderly Physical Appearance

Elderly lonely depressed suicidal,(in spite of their situation),those who are looking for a relationship,(may not realize  how important it's to maintain their physical appearance).

And when a elderly have a partner,(their physical appearance is also important),because some spouse may age slower,(and feel less attracted to their tired looking companion),leading to rejection, isolation,even depression.

The elderly person should (maintain their sexuality as they age). This  will help them look and feel happier. Because lack of love, affection,and communication, leads to depression,loneliness and eventually suicide.

Elderly folks, even men should take the extra effort to make themselves look attractive) at home with each other,and especially when in the public,(or when they are lonely  and looking for love).

I overheard  a single middle-aged woman verbalizing that (older men turn her off),(because  they are (not attractive, they are tired looking,unkempt). Ways for elderly depressed men and women to improve self. 

Below is a video of prayer and deliverance, a greater,and eternal  way  to be at peace with self, Enjoy:

How Elderly can Find Peace Happiness in Their Lives

  • First, as a elderly,you must believe that you are a sinner in this world,(Romans 3:23),"for all have and come short of the glory of God." You cannot deliver yourself, (no matter how educated you are). Do not resort to suicide.
  • For  by GRACE we are SAVED BY FAITH,and not of ourselves,IT'S THE GIFT OF GOD,(Ephesians 2:8,9),(God Grace has absolutely nothing to do with "religion").
  • Loneliness,depression suicidal can be changed,(if you confess with your mouth) the Lord Jesus. And (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(then you will be saved).
  • For it's with (your heart that you believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (if you as a elderly lonely depressed suicidal person,call upon the name of the Lord,you shall be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13 revised)

Prayer for Elderly Lonely Depressed Suicidal

Lord Jesus, I believe that I'm a elderly lonely depressed suicidal sinner who wants to die. Please forgive my sin,and accept me as your child for heaven. Give me peace in my heart to trust you, for strength, guidance in challenging times. I accept you as my Lord and Savior forever,Amen

If i Suicide

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