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"I'm facing Loneliness depression and suicidal  ideation, which seem to ensnare my soul. I'm propelled  to a quick solution, "suicide." 

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'I definitely will kill myself and be done with it all . I truly hate this life,(the more I live,the more I see how selfish and discouraging human beings are."

Unfortunately, the hurt of this life,does drive some to suicide. But please don't quit life. Did  you know that there is a entity, a spirit that grants man wishes? And negative wishes verbalized are quickly acknowledged than positive ones.

If any human being  kept internalizing, and verbalizing over and over again "I  want to die"unfortunately, that  individual will die sooner,than later. 

Whether the thoughts the individual has is a result of  depression, or something else,(which led to  suicidal ideation).

Satan has different types of demons in our world,who parade around silently, investigating what issues will torment and destroy a certain human soul.

Each individual has his own weakness (the demon then act on it), and abruptly or gradually use that weakness to destroy.

Intense Isolation

If you're suffering from loneliness depression and suicidal  thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when you feel lonely, (that you isolate yourself even more?). And that everything that would cheer up your spirit, (you lose interest in it and distant yourself from it), even  to a greater extent?

Have you also noticed that when you're experiencing depression,(that you want to shut out even the sunlight from yourself?).  You enclosed yourself in a dark space, and curl up most of the time? (Satan is the master of darkness,he hates the light).

You feel more sad, more overwhelmed even with simple matters.  Loneliness depression and suicidal feelings grip you so tightly,(so much so that you cannot even think of the good things that you have  accomplished) in your life?

Possession Doesn't Matter

Thoughts of your family, and friends, seldom enters your mind.  The thought of money, love, or striving for a better lifestyle  doesn't even touch the surface of your heart. Your greatest desire is (dying "suicide"leaving this world behind). 

Most of the time, you don't even think about  the world you would be entering in your afterlife.  All that you can focus on right now,is that "death will be sweeter" with no pain, and sorrow,(and you cannot wait to enjoy peace after death).

Many of our  Psychiatrist,Psychologist,and mental health expert says the above feelings and behavior are mental health issues,(and rightly so). But did you know that Satan demons manipulate individuals in their head first,(then in their heart).  Anything, anyone allowed to enter their thoughts will become a reality,(producing negative or positive results) .

Even the  amazing loving experience, such as  loving  a man or woman,(may never materialize into a person's life),when  facing loneliness depression and suicidal feelings). unless such a one, allow the thought to enter the heart,then  meditate on it.  

Wrong Meditation Can Kill You

As mentioned,loving, and caring  is not important even in loneliness and depression,(negative feelings and thoughts  will dominate you ). For example in the bible,the  son of king David, Amnon,was so in love with his sister, (and wanted desperately to be with her), in that it made  him sick,(he began to lose weight, depression sets in).  

Amnon's  friend then devise a plan to get Amnon to be  alone with his sister in his  house , (at that point,the negative thoughts of Amnon became a reality, for his sister,(and he ended up rapeing  his own beautiful virgin sister)1 Samuel 13:!-19..

After the rape, Amnon now hated his sister more than he loved her. This is what entertaining negative thoughts eventually does to man's mind.  Amnon never thought that there would be consequences later on. When Amnon forgot about his deeds, (his own  brother never did,leading to his murder).

Our loneliness depression and suicidal thoughts all began from somewhere.  If you should check the antecedent of your life,(you will find where the problem start). This is where Satan station  his demons to manipulate and destroy your life, and  soul.

The more unhappiness you experience on earth, (is a joy for Satan). Because Satan know  that he will win you eventually to his kingdom hell,(but of course, you're not thinking about hell, sometimes  not even heaven).

Intense Thoughts of Suicide

Loneliness depression and suicidal desire, leads to suicide.  When you are lonely, you are just wrapped up only into yourself. Even though you desire love and friendship,(still you isolate yourself the more). And when you're with people, (you do not hear or see them, it's all about you). 

When you are facing depression,(you become more irritable withdrawn,anxious,feeling hopeless,sad,overwhelmed,worthless,empty and more). Suicidal thoughts become more stronger. And the sweetest feelings you have is (dying, killing yourself).  It's like falling in-love,(and death, is your companion), nothing or no one matters.

But You Can be Helped Spiritually

If you are willing to yield up your desire for a moment, (you can find rest from this destructive,crippling lifestyle, do not kill yourself.

How do you overcome loneliness depression and suicidal feelings? First you must believe wholeheartedly that there is a God,(you must mean it from the depths of your soul).

You must believe that God has a Son, call Jesus Christ.  And that God send His only Son Jesus Christ to be a "blood sacrifice" for man sin(John 3:16).

You must believe that the wages of sin is death,(Romans 6:23),therefore no man can enter heaven with sin. You should determine within your heart, that you will let Christ rule your heart,and guide you henceforth and forever more.

Also find help with National Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-TALK (1800-273-8255)

Find Freedom From- Loneliness Depression and Suicidal Ideation

  • You must (confess with your mouth) the Lord Jesus. Then (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(and you will be saved).
  • For it's with(your heart that you believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth  that confession is made unto salvation).
  • No matter who you are,or what you have done, if you call upon the name of the Lord, you will be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13). You will find rest for your soul, and peace in your life. Jesus Christ,and accepting Him as your Lord,and Master of your life, IS NOT "RELIGION."

Prayer for Loneliness Depression and Suicidal

Lord Jesus Christ, i believe that i'm a sinner,please save my soul. Please forgive me of my selfish thoughts, and the desire to suicide.  Lord Jesus i want to find peace in my soul.  I want joy and happiness in my life.  I want to go to heaven when i die,when you're ready for me. Please grant me strength to live in this world. I will serve  you forever, Amen

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