Suicide Not Impartial -
To Who You Are 

Suicide not impartial. Anyone can be affected by self murder regardless of the  socioeconomic standing in society.  

man sitting alone sad - suicide not impartial

It doesn't matter the educational level, (a PHD, or any degree),will not prevent a person from destroying himself, when Satan wants you dead.

Even if  you are a king in a palace ,a pastor with millions of members in your church.  You are not so special that  evil cannot enter your mind.  Everyone of us must guard our heart and soul.

Suicide is not impartial to where you live -what your race is. Pain,sorrow,and despair  happens to everyone. Anyone of us  can be affected with depression and discouragement.  We all need a power greater than our own tovercome what  life throws at us. The word of God declare:

"There is no temptation taken you,such as is common to man:but
God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above
all that you are able to bear;God will make a way of escape,
that you are able to bear it"(1 Corinthians 10:13)

When Life Gone Awry

When you cannot make ends meet,and perhaps you are behind in your bills. You lost your job,(and you have no one to help you). You lost all savings and now in debt).   

You're now in deep despair. Discouragement and anger boils up in your heart,the only way out and you started asking yourself:should I commit suicide? No, there's hope.                                

Satan Wants You Dead-Suicide not Impartial

You were encouraged by others that suicide (is not a sin),and that some folks  can kill themselves in some cases.  I want you to know that's not true.

Satan will come after you,whoever you are.  Satan just want more bodies in hell,(and he choose you too). Suicide not impartial, murder not impartial.  This young lady on the internet wrote....

"I am 18 years old and I have an urge to
commit crimes. I am not scared to go to
prison and I don't care how long I spend
there because I honestly think I would be
 better off incarcerated. I have done petty
crimes such as shoplifting and taking drugs
(cannabis) but lately I have had this urge
to kill someone.I even sit at home and plan
it out and I don't care if I am caught. Why
do I want to kill someone?
Somebody" (18 year-old woman).

Satan will destroy you regardless of your age. You are not too young for Satan to send his demons to manipulate your thoughts to commit murder,(and eventually you commit suicide).

You Cannot Resist Evil on Your Own

When you are vulnerable-weak,(you  will succumb to any evil behavior). You are not too strong and beyond Satan's power, (unless Jesus Christ is within you,   Jesus is your protector, your shield).

Satan destroys whatever way he can. You are certainly not impartial to destruction. Satan has a powerful tool to destroy man of this world starting, (with depression,discouragement, despair), then suicide or "self murder"may take place.

Impulsive Decision

Sometimes the decision you make cannot be changed. Then what will you do when you realize your destiny? You never thought about hell and heaven.

Consider this:19 year old Florida teen Abraham Briggs commits suicide live on Webcam TV, while a live audience watched and egged him on.

Perhaps this young man didn't truly intended to kill himself. Perhaps he was depressed and discouraged and wanted compassion,maybe he wanted pity.

He wanted someone who is not his family and friends to say, "we care about you,please do not take your life." 

But no one cared, and the devil whispered  in everyone's ear,"tell him to go ahead and commit suicide". Hate,suicide not impartial,everyone's heart is touched with evil.

Suicide Not Impartial- Do Not Listen To The Voice

Consider those who have already committed suicide,(murdered themselves), without  thinking about the consequences. 

They are aLL misinformed, that suicide is "freedom from  life's trouble-pain, suffering,and tribulation  AFTER DEATH."

Satan is deceiving  you. Then when you  actually COMMIT SUICIDE, you will realize in death that you made a huge eternal mistake.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?(suicide not impartial). You do not believe in God,you do not believe in hell, (but you believe in heaven, wow!

(the fool says in his heart "There is no God." (Psalm 14:1). The Devil BELIEVES that there's ONE GOD, AND FEAR...

There is a God who will judge you,and condemn you to hell for eternity?  suicide not impartial,Hell not impartial for anyone.

Hell -Satan-is Real-Suicide Not Impartial  

It's narrated by people who have experience NDE. As soon as a person died. As their soul begins to travel, (they become more aware of themselves,that they are in a different dimension).

It's at that moment that they will realize their mistake that cannot be changed,(that mercy has ended, and they cannot revert back to life). How are you, the suicide person, the  "self  murderer" individual  going to get out of hell?

The  word of God declare:""God is not the God of the dead,but the God of the living" (Matthew 22:32). 

"it's appointed unto man once 
to die,then after death,comes 
the judgment",(Hebrews 9:27)

Death not impartial,(none of us will get out of this life alive).  Remember, once you're IN HELL, and realize  that you made a cannot change your destiny.

it's too late to cry -when you are dead, because no amount of weeping,wailing,crying,moaning, is going to change you back to life. Suicide not impartial..


But if you didn't believe,and You rejected God!Then your soul will be doom for eternity -I pray that eternity in hell, will not be your portion.  This man,He died and was on his way to hell Suicide not impartial.   This video shows how to find your way to deliverance.

How To Find Happiness in The Afterlife

  • If  you shall (confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus),and believe in your hat God has raised Jesus from the dead, (you shall be saved).
  • For with the (heart man believe unto righteousness),but with the mouth(confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (whosoever) call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, (Romans 10:9-13 revised)

Prayer for Suicide Not Impartial 

Jesus Christ,have mercy on me, forgive all my sin. Accept me as your child for heaven. Remove suicidal  thoughts from me. I want to go to heaven when I die,I will serve you forever,Amen

From To your precious life

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