Suicide Not Impartial
Regardless of Who You Are ...

Suicide not impartial. Suicidal thoughts  will enter anyone' mind regardless of our socioeconomic standing in society-    It doesn't matter what's our educational level is. A  PHD, any forms of degree a person hold, will not prevent him from destroying himself

man sitting alone sad, suicide is not impartial

Even if  you are a king in a palace a pastor with millions of members in your church.  You are not    so special that  evil cannot enter your mind.  Everyone of us must guard our heart and soul.

Suicide isn't impartial to where you live -what your race is - pain,sorrow,and despair  happens to everyone. Anyone of us  can be affected with Depression and discouragement.  We all need a power greater than our own to overcome what  life throws at us. The word of God declared.

"There is no temptation taken
you,such as is common to man:but
God is faithful, who will not
suffer you to be tempted above
all that you are able to bear;
God will make a way of escape,
that you are able to bear it"(1

Corinthians 10:13)

When Life Gone Awry and Suicide is Not Impartial

When you cannot make ends meet,and perhaps you are behind in your mortgage  payments;you lost your job,you have no one to help you.

You lost all your savings and you are in debt;your home is now in foreclosure, you have no where to go,they repossessed your vehicle.

Your family are facing hunger and you're in deep despair.Discouragement and anger boils up in your heart,the only way out you feel is to kill yourself. 

Jesus Christ will heal your broken and discouraged heart.  Jesus Christ works everywhere for everyone,regardless of who you are....                                

Suicide Not Impartial-The Devil Wants You to Believe Lies Then He Destroy You

  • You need no financial resources, but you have this overwhelming shadow over you, you want to die...
  • You are deeply depressed, and nothing seemed
    to help,(no Doctors,no psychologist,
    no psychiatrist),seemed to give you a permanent
    solution to your needs.  
  • You are tired,you are weary,unhappy,disgusted
    with life for no reason,other than that you are bored.  
  • Your educational status,your money,your status in society,your age,you do not care about anything,(you just feel nothing matters),you just want to die.

Unfortunately,some people have already succeeded in killing them-self.  They never even consider the consequences of their eternal destiny. All they wanted to do was get away from life's pain.

Stop! Do Not Do It!

You were encouraged that suicide (is not a sin),and that some folks  can kill themselves in some cases. That the suicidal  will be happy in heaven forever, free from the hurt of life.

If they succeeded in taking their  own life. Where  in the word of God,in the bible  were you guaranteed that a great life is awaiting you,after you commit "self murder"? or if you murder someone else without repenting?"

Satan-is out to destroy you,regardless of who you are.   Suicide not  impartial,murder not impartial,evil not impartial to who you are. 

Satan will come after you,whoever you are.  Satan just wants more soul,more bodies in hell,and he will choose you,to get for him(or choose your soul).  This young lady on the internet wrote....

"I am 18 years old and I have an urge to
commit crimes. I am not scared to go to
prison and I don't care how long I spend
there because I honestly think I would be
 better off incarcerated. I have done petty
crimes such as shoplifting and taking drugs
(cannabis) but lately I have had this urge
to kill someone. I even sit at home and plan
it out and I don't care if I am caught. Why
do I want to kill someone?
Somebody" (18 year-old woman).

Satan will destroy you regardless of your age, you are not too young for hell....

Is"Self murder"  "Killing One's Self" Committing suicide impartial?

As mentioned, Satan will bring  dangerous thoughts into your mind to destroy you.  When you are vulnerable-weak- in deep despair- you  will succumb to any behavior. 

You are not too strong and beyond Satan's power, (unless Jesus Christ is within you, even then Satan will make an attempt,but Jesus is your rock and shield).

Satan destroys whatever way he can,you certainly not impartial to destruction. The word of God declared:

Thou shall not kill,
(Exodus 20:13)
All murderers,including 
"self murder" (or suicide),
"all" shall have their
part in the second death.,
(Revelation 21:8).

Jesus Christ,Himself said,
 "you shall not murder"
(Matthew 19:18).

Satan has a powerful tool to destroy man of this generation,depression,discouragement, the suicide or "self murder"

Suicide is Not the Way,Though You're Angry,Upset With Life,Yourself and Others and Suicide Not Impartial

Do not make a decision on impulse when you're angry. Sometimes the decision you make cannot be changed. Then what will you do when you realize your destiny?

Consider this:19 year old Florida teen Abraham Briggs commits suicide live on Webcam TV, while a live audience watched and egged him on.

Perhaps this young man didn't truly intended to kill himself. Perhaps he was depressed and discouraged and wanted compassion,maybe he wanted pity.

He wanted someone who is not his family and friends to say, "we care about you,please do not take your life." 

But no one cared, and the devil whispered  in everyone's ear,"tell him to go ahead and commit suicide". Hate,suicide not impartial,everyone's heart is touched with evil at some point in life.

My soul grieve for you!

My heart and soul is breaking..sometimes suicide is not because you want to truly die. But it's a cry for help. I'm not attempting to condemn anyone...but you who are still alive, where will you spend eternity? truly,suicide not impartial.

Seriously Consider This Scenario for Suicide

OK, so you believe that you're going to heaven when you commit suicide. You feel that you're going to a better place, free from pain and sorrow of this life.

Whether you kill  yourself, kill someone, or you died naturally,(without  believing in God, (or having Christ in your heart).

You feel that you will definitely have eternal peace in heaven. So you just cannot wait to leave this earth,(you do-not care if suicide not impartial).

Perhaps, you may even be an . You do not believe or trust in God but you cannot wait to kill yourself,and be in this wonderful place call heaven. Be in God's dwelling place). God's glorious eternal kingdom.That He prepared for those who love Him.

You feel that you will go to that heaven when you commit suicide,(even if you hate God).Even when God says..

("No eye has seen, no ear

has heard, no mind has

conceived what God

has prepared for those

who love him"

(1 Corinthians 2:9).

But you are going to take a chance "take a chance" and kill yourself. Whether God's word is true or not, (you will find out on the others side what will happen), You  are taking a chance  with your soul".

Suicide is sin Against God, Against Your Body  Against Your Soul-Suicide Not Impartial

Even so, you feel that you will enjoy all the splendor and glory, God has  prepared for His children,(who love and serve Him;you feel that  God is compassionate, a loving God).   So there is no need for you to be scared of dying,(or killing yourself,because God is forgiving). The word of God declare:

"Jesus answered and said unto him,
verily,verily,I say unto you, except
a man be born again, he can never
see the kingdom of God."
(John 3:3)

But you feel that you're going to be in heaven anyway, wow!

How lucky, how blessed,and smart you are. You are going to get to heaven before the rest of us.

And you find a easy way to do it,(then you WILL have a grand time in such a awesome place),I commend you. I'm truly happy and delighted for you!!!  

 What are You Going To Do If You Made a Mistake and Kill Yourself? Suicide is Not Impartial

But suppose those who have already committed suicide,(murdered themselves without  forgiveness). Or planning  to commit suicide.

Are ALL WRONG, about "freedom from their pain, and suffering forever AFTER DEATH- freedom from  life's trouble. Freedom from despair.

That it's a lie from Satan to deceive  you, deceive man man. Then when you  actually COMMIT SUICIDE, you realize in death that you made a huge eternal mistake.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?(suicide not impartial). Since you  do not believe-for your sake only, (suppose there's truly a God?). I know for sure with all my heart that there is a God),

(the fool says in his heart "There

is no God." They are corrupt, their

deeds are vile, there is no one who

does good, no not one..Psalm 14:1). 

The Devil BELIEVES that there's ONE GOD, AND FEAR...

There is a God who will judge you,and condemn you to hell for eternity?  suicide not impartial,Hell not impartial for anyone.

man sitting at desk,not impartial to suicide

Hell is Real-Satan is Real,Suicide is Real-Suicide is Not Impartial To Who You Are

Suppose the moment YOU, (or the suicide individual died), as soon as you/they died. At that very moment as the soul begins to travel you become more aware that you are dead.

And you realize that very minute that you  have made a mistake. But your destiny cannot be changed?

How are you, the  "self  murderer" individual  going to get out of hell?

You cannot  call upon God for mercy...(suicide not impartial), the  word of God declare:"

"God is not the God of the

dead,but the God of the

living" (Matthew 22:32).

How are You Going to Change Your  Eternity When You are Dead? Suicide Not Impartial

My dear friend,How are you going to save your precious soul when you kill yourself?  the bible, the word of God, declared:

"it's appointed unto man once
to die,then after death,comes
the judgment",(Hebrews 9:27)

Hell is real.(Suicide not impartial,but there is hope).

Choose wisely Your Destiny! Suicide Not Impartial To Who You Are..

Death not impartial,(none of us will get out of this life alive).  Suicide not impartial-(anyone can feel suicidal). 

Remember, once you're IN HELL, and realize  that you made a cannot come back after suicide! 

My friend, my soul weeps for you. But it's too late to cry,when you are dead, because no amount of weeping,wailing,crying,moaning, is going to change your destiny,after death


But if you didn't believe,and You rejected God!Then your soul will be doom for eternity. I pray that will not be your fate!!How To Have Jesus Christ As Lord and Savior... Be unshackled.w

"........if  you shall confess with your mouth
the Lord Jesus,and you shall believe in your
that God has raised Jesus from the dead,
you shall be saved.

For with the heart man believe unto
righteousness,but with the mouth
confession is made unto salvation.

For the scripture says,whosoever
believes on God shall not be ashamed.....

For the same Lord over all is rich unto

all that call upon Him.

For whosoever shall call upon the name
of the Lord shall be saved
(Romans 10:9-13 revised)


Do not wait to find out for yourself what hell is like,(you will not get the opportunity to come back once you killed yourself), or you died without accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior).  It's in death that  you will find out,(when it's too late). Hell is not impartial to who you are,just as suicide not impartial to anyone.  It will be  too late when you are dead. Do not kill yourself!!

Prayer For The Suicidal- Suicide Not Impartial With Anyone

Dear,father of heaven and earth,giver of life,

you are the God of the thunder and the rain,you
send Jesus Christ to sacrifice Himself for
the sin of the world..I accept you,and
your son Jesus Christ. Save my soul
Give me a new life in you,forgive my sins,

Take the thoughts of suicide away from me forever
I want to go to heaven when i die,I don't want
to go to hell, take this body and soul i was

about to  give to Satan and make it yours, I  will serve you


To Precious Life

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