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Review My Life Sucks

Hi there. I am a student. My parents expect me to get A's and B's. Which I don't. They always think im trying to look pretty for someone. My sister acts

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I question your message.

There is only one unforgivable sin and it ISN'T suicide. It's refusing to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. You need to quit misinforming people. Yes, of

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Satan has my soul

I am lossyesed and coming for your terribly organized website. Religion is propoganda💕

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If I Kill Myself - Suicide-Your Precious Life

If I kill myself who cares?I’m lonely,depressed,bored with life,angry all the time.I can’t eat,sleep,feel real love.I feel empty inside,like a deep black space.I’m irritable,sad.I want to die.I hate life,am confused.I think about death everyday.Suicide-do-not-kill-yourself.

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Millionaire Commits Suicide - When Wealth is Not Enough for Happiness

Why a millionaire commits suicide? why isn't wealth enough? many desire your prestige. Some choose millionaire mentors for riches.Many wants to marry a millionaire.We all crave advice from millionaires. Matchmaker millionaires. Why not a millionaire who loves God?

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Earn A Living Online - Honest Proven Income Generating Method

You can earn a living online working from home, anywhere in the world. Homeless,unemployed,have a business, a student, want to start a business? Have great ideas,have passion. have skills,experience learn here.

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Suicide-Donot Kill Yourself - Suicide Your Precious Life

Suicide-donot kill yourself. Sure some of life's challenges may lead some to commit suicide because of depression,mental illness,terminal illness,loneliness and more. But do not give into your desire to die. Challenges is painful,but there's hope for you. Do not suicide.

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