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Stop lying to yourself- life sucks!!

Fuck you !! That is what is fucking up the World!! Assholes who say life is good! If you would just say LIFE SUCKS, then we could all be HAPPY! YOU LIE

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Is Suicide Selfish? - Suicide-Do Not Commit Self Murder

I desire to die,is suicide selfish?It's my body,my life,my choice,what I do for myself. I don't want to go on living in this world.What does my life has to do with anyone? Why should i care what anyone feel?it's my death, my choice. I didn’t choose to be here.Life sucks.

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My Suicidal Thoughts - Suicide-DoNot Kil YourSelf

My suicidal thoughts compelled me to kill myself. My thoughts is permeated with suicide everyday,I cannot eat,sleep or enjoy everyday life, I just have this desire to die.

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Suicide Is My Choice - Suicide-Do Not Kill Your-Self

It's my life,my desire;suicide is my choice. It's my right to live and my right to die. No one has a right to prevent me from taking my own life. My life is ruin already.

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I Want To Die - Suicide-Do-not-kill-your-self

I want to die with easiest suicide method,but I don't want to kill myself. Continuous suicidal thoughts,cursing self,prefer dying in my sleep,bored with life,hopeless,loveless,depressed.Don't suicide.

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Drug Addiction Suicide - Suicide-Do Not Take Your Life

. Drug addiction suicide, I think of dying. I cannot think. I tried multiple rehabs,but still went back to my addiction. I feel that i want to commit suicide and be done with life.I did crack,cocaine,marijuana,heroin,amphetamine. I’m confused,drain,miserable with life.

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Japanese Students Suicide - Suicide-Do Not Kill Your Self

Japanese students suicide. Don’t kill yourself because of school pressures, shame,guilt, bullying, Perhaps you have no friends,you can’t share your pain with anyone.You’re suffering in silence. Your soul will suffer the consequences in the afterlife. Don’t commit suicide.

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