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Suicide Not Impartial- Suicide-DoNot-Kill-YourSelf

Suicide not impartial regardless of who you are. Intellectual ability,money,job type,social status, where you reside,can prevent the demon of suicide from inflicting self annihilation,unless there's divine intervention.

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Best Suicide Methods - The Perfect Way To Die

My best suicide methods, painless suicide methods,easiest suicide methods to suicide. Look no further when empty,lonely,hopeless,helpless, and want to die.I will show you want you need to do to accomplish your best desire for the afterlife.

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My Life Sucks - I Want To Die

My life sucks, i hate my life,nothings turns out good for me.I become easily angered at everything and everyone. I’m bored with life,I’m lonely,depressed, sad all the time.I lost my job,my family hates me.I’m isolated. Sometimes i can’t even sleep. I truly want to suicide.

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Elderly lonely Depressed Suicidal - Suicide-Do Not Kill YourSelf

I hate old age.As a elderly,I feel isolated especially since I no longer drives.I'm depressed,lonely,far from old acquaintances and friends.I'm childless,loveless,currently homeless,staying with family.I feel I lost my dignity.Elderly lonely depressed suicidal is a realty.

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Earn A Living Online - Honest Proven Income Generating Method

You can earn a living online working from home, anywhere in the world. Homeless,unemployed,have a business, a student, want to start a business? Have great ideas,have passion. have skills,experience learn here.

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Unemployed and Suicidal - Suicide-DoNot-Kill-YourSelf

.Unemployed and suicidal because there seems to be no way out. "I am hopeless,helpless,confused and depressed.I tried,now I feel that suicide is the way out." Even the benefits I receive cannot solve my problem,(that too is almost done).Being unemployed really sucks.

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Unemployment -Suicide - Hell only Benefit

Unemployment in America, and around the world can rob any man of his sanity. Being jobless drains mental energy,leading to fatigue.The sluggish feelings decreases pride,self respect, eventually end in suicide for some. Unemployment check ends,now what? house foreclose

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