Best Suicide Methods-
Is Blood In Your Hand?

Broken people do broken things. Suggestion of best suicide methods,painless suicide methods have led countless human beings to their death,when they needed love and encouragement,the most.

man standing under tree-best suicide method

Blood is in your hands. You have directly or indirectly send people to Satan kingdom. You have taken the light from many weary discouraged souls,(who are weary,angry,depressed,bored with life). 

In a moment of great despair they decided on suicide.  You made it easy for them to quit life. You furnished them with ideas, on how to  quickly annihilate themselves from this world,with best suicide methods.

Hell is Waiting for You Too

Any sin on earth is forgivable by God, (except sinning against the Holy Ghost),(Matthew 12:31). Therefore, even though you indirectly murdered people, (you still have a chance for repentance,for salvation, through God's GRACE)- the shed blood of Jesus Christ).

Denounced suicide methods suggestions,and turn from your ways. Then (become a product of eternal life). Furnish people with hope,(help people in this life find a solution when in despair. Suicide is selfish, you're happy with yourself for helping someone end their life for a grater horror.

They let the devil in,(through a open door). Satan,becomes their  suicide partner, their roommate. And when he overwhelmed them with conversation,and ideas. You enticed them with the best suicide methods.

Anyone who dies without  Christ, will never find peace with God. God doesn't hear the prayers of the dead,(only those who are alive). If you or any of the suicidal turn completely to God,(and ask for forgiveness),  God will have mercy through His Grace. He will hear and answer.

Best Suicide Method- To Kill Yourself

It’s appointed unto man once to die,then after death,comes the judgement,(Hebrews 9:27).

When you  suggest best suicide Method to those who are perplex with life, (and desired to kill them-self),you’re shutting them away from hope.  Their soul can't be rescued, (when someone on earth pray for them -when they are dead).

When any ungodly people depart this life, (they no longer have an opportunity in God's presence). Their breath has ceased and they can no longer celebrate life. They are now crying out in hell,"God, give me another chance"

But it's too late when they are dead. They committed suicide, from best suicide methods you suggested. They’re Condemned  for eternity, (and waiting for the judgment of  Christ), in the afterlife,(Revelation 20:12).

How To Denounce Best Suicide Methods

  • If you will (confess with your mouth) the Lord Jesus. And (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(you shall be saved).
  • For with (the heart man believe) unto righteousness. And with (the mouth confession is made unto salvation).
  • For (whosoever) call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved(Romans 10:9,10,13)

Prayer for Best Suicide Methods

Lord Jesus Christ, i believe that you died on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sin,save my soul today. Remove from me the the desire to promote best suicide methods.  Help me to introduce people to the way of life and salvation. Make me a product of shining life where there is darkness. I will serve you forever, Amen

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