Is Suicide Selfish?
Suicide is My Desire 

People are asking is suicide selfish? "Why should anyone who wish to commit suicide care  about what anybody thinks or believe? I didn't ask to come on this earth. Now i decided that i want to leave this life. It's my choice,my desire,what do you care?"

two girls sitting on grass-is suicide selfish

I'm sorry that you're upset about your free will to die,(to exit life the way you want). But it's also my "free will" from God the creator, to inform you that suicide has eternal consequences.

In this scenario:

We're lost in the deep woods,thirsty with no waterThen we spotted this puddle of water,(inviting us to drink). However, I'm aware from knowledge,and experience,that this particular puddle of water is poisonous and can kill human.

I lovingly inform you not to drink the water,(because you will become sick immediately,and died a painful death. However, You kept insisting that you're thirsty,and want to drink anyway.(is suicide selfish?

You express that you will suffer the consequence of what will happen personally, because  it's your life. You narrated,"it's better to quench your thirstthan to die of thirst." I beg, I pleaded. I suggested that if we keep walking we will find good water.

However, you shove me aside, and stick your head into the water, and drank to your heart content. Within a few minutes of drinking,you looked at me wide eyed. You verbalized feeling like you're dying. Then You whispered in a muffled voice, "Im so sorry" but it is too late- then you died.

Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Don't gamble with your life,don't gamble with your eternal soul. There are principalities and powers,rulers of darkness, waiting to distract you from the truth. The spirit that's distracting you, (also gives you a euphoric desire to suicide). 

Is suicide selfish? you answer the question. It's appointed unto man once to die,then after death comes the judgment,(Hebrews 9:27). What does it profit a man to gain the whole world,but lose his own soul,(Mark 8:36-37).

 It's too late for people who didn't know the truth, and kill themselves. After death,the true person, the soul realize that a mistake was made). They are now crying out in the afterlife "Jesus, give me another chance" But even Jesus cannot resurrect anyone out of hell.

Is Suicide Selfish?

When you're perplex,angry,irritable and sad about your life,(you don't consider the consequences after death). It's  all about getting rid of your pain right now. You have no desire to listen to any speech about what is so good about life.

You're angry with God,(because you may pray too,but you didn't get immediate results). So is suicide selfish? as mentioned,you answer that question.

Hope is Available Right Now

All those  who are willing to listen and obey God's word,(this is what will happen to them after death). "Eyes have not seen,ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man,the things God have prepared for those who love Him",(1 Corinthians 2:9).

  • If you a suicidal person, (confess with your mouth) the Lord Jesus. And (believe in your heart) that God raised Jesus from the dead,(you shall be saved). 
  • For it's with (your heart that you believe) unto righteousness. And with (your mouth confession is made unto salvation). 
  • For (whosoever) call upon the name of the Lord,shall be saved" (Romans 10:9,10,13 revised). Is suicide selfish? have you understood the danger of veering off from the path and kill yourself?

Additional help, Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Prayer for Is Suicide Selfish

Lord Jesus Christ, son of the most High God;thank you for dying on the cross for my sin. Please forgive my sin today. Accept me as you child for heaven. Erase suicide desire from my heart. Make me a channel of shining light,where there is darkness. I will serve you forever,Amen

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