Stop lying to yourself- life sucks!!

by Anonymous

Fuck you !!
That is what is fucking up the World!!
Assholes who say life is good! If you would just say LIFE SUCKS, then we could all be HAPPY!

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Yes-Life Sucks at Times
by: paulette

Hi anonymous,

I'm sorry that you're so upset with me and the world. YES, LIFE SUCKS AT TIMES.

No one in this world can ever say: "I never had pain, or hurt before." We are human beings. Our life will suck at times. It's all because of sin from the beginning when man was created and he disobeyed God(Genesis 1-6).

The word of God declare:

1).(1 Peter 4:1) "Christ suffer for us,so we all must suffer also.."
2). (1 Peter 3:14) "If you suffer for what is right,you're blessed..'
3). (1 Peter 5:10) "God will restore you back.."

Life can be very painful. But Jesus Christ wants us to love and serve Him, so that when the times comes and we died. We will have joy and happiness in heaven.
(Revelation 21:4)"God shall wipe all tears from our eyes.

But if you're upset like you are, and kill yourself, then there is no hope for you.
(Revelation 20:12-14). After death, there is no repentance in the grave,(Hebrews 9:27).

So take care. I hope that you find peace in this life, and in the life to come with Jesus Christ.

Be blessed.

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