Review My Life Sucks

by Lily
(Baton Rouge)

Hi there. I am a student. My parents expect me to get A's and B's. Which I don't. They always think im trying to look pretty for someone.

My sister acts like she has depression when I'm the one with severe depression. I think I'm fat. I really think I'm ugly and I cry mostly every single day.

I cry myself to sleep because there is nothing else to do. I cut myself but no one notices. I cry in my class, but no one notices.

I'm a ghost to the school now. I am never happy. I fake smile. I feel like I'm bullied mentally. I hurt myself both physically and mentally.

I like to draw but that wont help me anymore as my depression goes deeper through my cells. I would love to be dead.

No one makes me cry but my parents. I feel so weak, being pushed around. I'm currently crying while writing this at 3:01am. I can never sleep.

My friends lie. I hate my skin. I can't shave because my parents don't allow me to. I would look like a monkey. Now I look like a gorilla.

I wish I could get help. I always wanted to be an interior designer. The way I'm looking right now can't be helped. There is nothing in the whole world I want but straight A's because with that, maybe, my parents would be happy. Maybe they would cry. Maybe they would brag about me. Maybe I could feel loved and feel excepted in this world for once.

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Life Sucks but Don't Give Up
by: paulette

My dear precious sister. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me.

Lily, please don't hurt yourself. Please watch this video before you read any further. You too can be delivered.
(cut and paste in your

Believe me Lily, I'm not here to hurt you,your parents, your siblings, or your friends.

Have you ever heard about
the born-again Christian God? The God who created the heaven,the earth,and all things that lives on earth? It's God who allows you to have your life.

One day, this Almighty God is coming back to earth again. And the time for him to return back is very soon.

Satan knows of God's coming, and it's very upsetting to him. He resented it. So he is working very hard to Gain as many more people to his kingdom, hell, as possible). He is working to pull people away from God.

Satan takes great delight in every person, but(especially in the young children or the youth). He works through their parents,siblings,friends, or peers. They themselves may not know that Satan is using them to destroy.

Then he uses you against yourself. He shows you all the negative things that's wrong about you, which may not be true,(but he makes you see it that way).

Self hatred tears at your heart. Finally, he inflicted you with depression,and suicidal thoughts ... because he wants you to kill yourself.

Your parents, and others, may not know that they are hurting you,(because Satan block their sight. He gives them a feeling that they are doing a great job).

Make God your best friend. Hide in your closet,or in your corner, and cry to him,and tell him everything you told me.

Don't see God as a (man in the sky), or a weird being. See God as the perfect father, perfect mother, perfect friend),you have always wanted to share your heart and soul to.

Ask him to forgive your sin,to guide you, to protect you from Satan and his demons. Tell him to show you how to love your parents, and others unconditionally. Tell Him all that your parents, siblings or friends are doing to you,and how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Tell him please to do something about it. Also, try to reach out to one of your counselors at school,(one that you feel comfortable with).

Lily,my prayers are with you. I will be praying for you always.

Lily, all things are possible in you,through Christ.

Dear Jesus Christ,Son of God, please forgive my sin. Make me your child,and a citizen of heaven today. Give me a heart of love and forgiveness,so that I don't hold bitterness,or hatred in my heart. Help me to overcome my situation. I will serve you forever, Amen.

Be blessed,

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