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I'm too old now for me to even be worth living anyway. And don't lie to me about stupid made up God stuff. I just want a quick painless death so I don't have to keep putting up with this crap life, it's torture.

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Suicide is Not The Solution-You Worth More To God
by: Paulette

Hi anonymous,
I would not lie to you about your life and your soul. I am a human being jut like you. As a normal person, my feelings about you should be:

If I was selfish,I wouldn't care less what you do with your life. If hell is where you want to go,(then let you be). But I care for your soul.I DO NOT WANT YOU TO GO TO HELL. I AM SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE AND SOUL.

An unsaved person like you is like- A CHILD RUNNING INTO A FAST MOVING TRUCK. The Child doesn't see the danger, (but the CARING PERSON), SEE THE DANGER. AND is TRYING TO STOP THE CHILD,(you), from dying. THE CHILD PICKS UP SPEED AND KEPT GOINg. THE CHILD was caught just before the truck hit him,(you too will be caught before Satan snatch you to hell).

I do not know you. YOU don't know me. But the word of God is TRUE, I CONVEY IT TO YOU IN TRUTH. I inform you THAT IF YOU KILL YOURSELF, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL.

God is a merciful and loving God. But if you refuse to abide by the laws and rules that God set for you. YOU will suffer the consequences.

You cannot say (what type of God is that, that will send me to hell?). For example,if your mom or dad discipline you because of your disobedience. Would you condemned them and say, what type of parents is that? You can become angry with them. But you still bear their DNA within you,(they are your parents).

God is your heavenly father,He want you to love and serve Him. He want to be master of your life, He want you to consult him with your needs.

GOD declares to man to follow His Divineness. But man disobey and do his own thing. Man had to suffer the consequence.

God will DESTROY any man who refuse to LOVE, OBEY AND SERVE HIM. Go back to the website and re-read IT again. Then accept JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR.Go through these videos in its entirety.



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