My life sucks!
I have been in church, it is horrible. It is Just like High School, where there are two-faced cliques. Unfortunately,my husband died of cancer in 2009, but I have good supporting friends,who are not from any church,(they are like my drinking friends, better more sincere and true!).

My son is going into the Army soon, I am proud of him. He will do better than me,his loser mother.

Why I am a loser:my life sucks.
1. I lost my job to downsizing in 2013.
2. I had the nerve to fix up my falling down primary residence with some of my IRA money in 2014, now I owe the IRS $17,000.
3. I have no way to pay off this $17,000. other than raping my retirement account again.
4. It seems that everyone is doing better than I am, but they are not smarter than I am.
5. I feel Stupid to take a job with no benefits,just to get off unemployment
in 2013. Like the job,I hate my circumstances.
6. My Job has no benefits whatsoever, (just a $15 dollar an hour salary), and complaining privileged, old bastards!
I guess that wage is good for Florida, but I was making $26 a hour with full benefits, (but that was back in the OLD America).
7. I'm REALLY STUPID FOR getting into health insurance which I did not use.
8. I SUCK, because I am smarter than all this. This is what happens when one hits the panic button and listens to the stupid.....

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God Can Make a Way Out of No Way!
by: Paulette

Hi Black a April,
I'm sorry that church feels horrible for you, and that you get better support from your non-church going friends,(I feel that way for many years too
even thought I was raised in the church).

I stop attending church many years,I couldn't feel comfortable there anymore,(but my mother kept encouraging me to attend again,I'm glad I did). I still see the cliques and hear the hypocrites,I just ignore them. God wants us in His House to Praise Him. We receive blessings,healing,and deliverance there. He said that we should assembly there with one another.

Unfortunately,(church is where Satan dwells) among the people in sheep's clothing. He sings in the choir. He is among pastors,and members of the congregation.
Satan sow seeds of division, so that people hate each other,hate church; this stop people from going to church).

People stay in the world bound up in sin,i(bound n their lifestyle),while Satan then gets more souls in hell, (in his own kingdom).

I'm happy that your son is going into the army, however,he desperately needs you now more than ever,(he needs a mother to be praying
for him constantly...not just say,"God protect my boy" but seek God's face for him daily. He will
be fighting two separate battles in the army. Sorry about your husband. All of us life sucks at times.

You are not a loser because you lost your job to downsizing. Millions of people have lost their well paying job too. I also lost my job in the beginning of the recession, and it took me years to recover, in fact, I'm still recovering. I gave away everything I own,including clothing, and furniture because I couldn't maintain my apartment,or pay storage fees. I (never even dress myself-up-again, or wear high
heels for years).

It was about a year or so, ago that I finally started loving myself again. I purchase new cloths, started wearing heels and makeup)again. The Lord also helped me locate a job that pays $32.00/hour,(still less than what i used to earn),but good. Believe me, every 8 hours I work, (I feel tremendous stress,earning that money).

You are not a loser, because you borrowed from your retirement account to fix up your house. You are lucky and blessed that you could afford to do that,(I emptied out my savings,401k,my credit union account,my checking account,owing thousands in credit card to survive),when my job situation changed.

I am literally starting over. You are blessed,bless that you could dip into your retirement again,(to potentially pay off the IRS). Perhaps you don't even have to do that;go down to your City Hall, and see a tax attorney)there. Hundreds of thousand of people wish they were in your shoes(having a little money) instead of being broke). I have come across broke homeless people daily,(who once had a home, and great jobs),but now living in shelters.

It's"not over, until they are carrying you in a casket." Even then, it's not over, (a new chapter in your life has just began). Because you MUST FACE GOD, AFTER DEATH. WE ALL must face God),(it's only then we will see His Face,and experience His judgement,or Love). He will banish us to HELL, OR send us to HEAVEN)."it is appointed unto man once to DIE, and after death face the judgement"(Hebrew 9:27).

You can do better than you are doing right now. You do not even have to work for others. Use your creativity,your experience,your life story to make a living.God, is not that "sugar daddy" one who gives things when you need it, or one who show you a good life,(so you love Him if He makes your life good, (and you do not love Him), if He doesn't give you a great job. Make God your wonderful Lord, and Savior, first, then everything will fall into place.
1. listen to true life stories,delivered:
2. Watch Emmanuel.TV (online),listen to TB Joshua teaching;conducting healing, and deliverance,(you may just be delivered from your situation). watch all the videos.

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