My Life Sucks

My life sucks!
I'm a 57 year old man who has fought and lost to many battles. I'm a father of three,they all hate me and and say I'm a sperm donor. I have a 8th grade education and I'm not very smart. I have more money going out then I have coming in, I have been beaten, and shot twice, stabbed numerous times. I lived on the streets,and ate out of garbage cans, I was a very violent person growing up, I lived a very violent childhood. I have been to numerous therapy, and have been on medications. I have even walked the halls in a Mental Ward, it's time for me to go,my life sucks.

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You Can't Give Up Now!
by: paulette

Sir,although you feel that your life sucks, (you cannot give up now). Only a good man who(wants to be a good husband and father),and longs for love from his loved-ones and children,(feel sad and broken).

This world is cruel and difficult to live in, (there are trials and tribulations), for everyone of us, but with God's help and strength,you can now be a better father.

Life sucks? yes!you suffered a lot in your own life,(but you are not alone), lots of people have gone through trials and tribulation in their own life.

You,however,live to talk about it and thank God for deliverance. Many homes where there are seemingly good parents raising a family,(heartache and sorrow evolved; husband or wife may be abusive to their own child or children,in words and deeds, (some,not because they want to), but they were not taught how to love, and care. They need spiritual,physical and emotional help,(but never seek after it),their children suffer for it.

Life sucks when,some couples were not prepared for the responsibility of family),or they didn't want one,(so they transfer the pain and anger they feel unto their innocent children who love them the most,(some display resentment,hate and anger, because of alcohol and drug abuse).

My dear sir, whatever the reason, God can change your life around. You may not even have to go to your children and ask forgiveness yet, (God will soften their hearts towards you, (because your whole life will be change), when you surrender to Christ.

My dear sir,your life may suck but do not harm yourself or commit suicide. God has been watching over you, and your children all these years, and waiting for you to call upon Him by faith, (not just to deliver you from pain of your past), or let your children love you, but to be a father to you.

God wants you so much to be His child, He wants to nourish and cuddle you in His love, and Grace. He wants to teach you how to be tender and loving in your own life. He wants to Be your savior and Lord.

Believe me,though life sucks right now, (you do not want to kill yourself), and you do not want to die without having God in your heart and soul...You will never,ever,forget all the things you did in your entire life, (every second of it), and it will be a torment in you soul, in Hell for eternity.

Do not ask God for things right now, (ask Him to save your soul first). He wants you to be His child forever,(life sucks). But ask God to remove the feeling of hate, anger,and bitterness of the past. And make a new man out of you.

Your story can help others. SUICIDE IS NOT THE WAY TO PEACE,AND HEAVEN. (search the archives for story like yours delivered.

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