Suicide is My Choice-
Why Do You Care If I Die Anyway?

"Life is unfair to me,I want to die;suicide is my choice. Don't I have a right to choose what I do in my own life or death? it's my decision,my hope, my dream to kill myself. Why do anyone want to prevent me from dying my way?"

homeless young man chicago- why commit suicide

I apologize for invading your privacy. But since you left the doors to your life ajar,and you gave us a hint of your intentions. We had to intervene to assist you to  overcome the challenges,(that's compelling you to end your life by suicide).

As a registered nurse, I couldn't see you bleeding to death,and just pass by you, and say:it's your fault,then leave you alone to die. And as a child of the Living God,(I couldn't hear that you're going to die a godless,self inflicted death). I know the eternal consequences of such a death),but i said nothing. Suicide is my choice you said.

I'm scared for you life,scared for your eternal soul. I'm scared of the inescapable judgement that's awaiting anyone who die this way. Or anyone who die naturally without God reigning in their heart.    

Suicide is My Choice -You're bombarded  With a Euphoric Feeling  For Death

You're suffering  from loneliness,depression, anxiety. chronic pain,panic attack,(many other negative feelings) that brought you to the point of contemplating suicide.

May I be sincere with you? Did you know that the body that you hate,that you want to destroy, is not really your own?(it's just a loan to you);indeed.

Your precious body is the temple of God,and the spirit of  God dwells within you? Did you also know that If any man destroys the temple of God,him shall God destroy? (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 1 Corinthians 3:16,17). Suicide is my choice.  Do not commit suicide.

Flooded With Suicidal Thoughts 

When Lucifer send his demons to spy on you,(to inquire  what your weakness were, (or what weakness he can utilize to destroy you), your particular weakness scored high. 

The demon reported back to Satan the sensitive challenges, that hurt you the most, (that has great potential to destroy you). Satan then (send an expert demon in that particular area to torment you), for you to kill yourself. Suicide is my choice, you said.How convenient for Satan.

Do not feel embarrassed about your situation. Please,killing yourself is not the way out of temporary situation. Are you being sexually assaulted?(and you feel that you have no one to  talk to?). Suicide is my choice is not the way out.

Please seek medical assistance. The  medical professionals will treat you with dignity and respect. They may even point you in the  right direction for further help,(or assist you themselves).

Do not murder yourself to please anyone.   When you're dead, they will continue living,(but your soul will suffer  the consequences of your actions for eternity 

Self Murder and Hell

Suicide is my choice. Killing yourself will only get you deeper INTO dread,horror,eternal punishment forever. 

  • Please do not give into death!
  • Please do not give up!
  • Please do not end it all
  • Death is the beginning,not the end..

You cannot DIE TODAY, TOMORROW, OR ANY OTHER DAY. Do not give into the voice that whispers: (KILL YOURSELF). That voice is Satan's Demons sent to destroy you.

Suicide is not the unforgivable sin-

But if you are not alive to ask for God's forgiveness, (for attempting to take your life), how can you be forgiven?. Once the spirit leaves your body,(you have no more connection with God). Suicide is my choice,(you're not going on a long journey with potential to return).

The bible is God,speaking to you,it declare: "it's appointed unto man, once to die, and after death comes the judgement" (Hebrews 9:27).  

This (word is true,whether you commit suicide, or died of natural cause). You will be sent to your eternal destiny, after suicide. Do not choose HELL NOW, for your final destination.

Many people who committed suicide before, (wish in hell,that they could come back), and warn the world,(they live in the spirit, in the afterlife awaiting the judgment of God)to  be punished in hell for eternity. 

God will not send anyone back,(those who are dead and buried),to WARN MAN, (not to commit suicide.)  Because in this generation,and the generation before, people denounced near death experience,(which is also a warning). 

Suicide-Not What You Think after Death

Regardless of the painless method that you're encouraged to utilize. Your soul or spirit, (the real you), will suffer the consequences of your decision.

Suicide is my choice;as mentioned, no one in this world has ever successfully committed suicide,(totally mutilated dead body), then return back to life,  and declared,"suicide is great,you will love it.!"

Satan send his demons to give you a spirit of euphoria. So that you feel at peace, counting the days,hours, minutes when you shall depart this life, (and be swept away in your new dimension.

Consequently, you cannot wait to die,(you become obsessed with killing yourself. You are being deceived,it's a lie.Seek additional suicide help.

Suicide is my Choice- I'm PLEADING WITH YOU

Do Not murder yourself. If you ignore this WARNING, and go through with it, (you  will realize in  death that you have made an eternal error).

But it will be too late to change your decision...and there will be no escape from eternity for ever.

Find Peace in Christ - Suicide isn't Your Ultimate decision  NOW:

  • "If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus,and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead,you shall be saved. 
  • For with the heart man believe unto righteousness;and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 

  • For whosoever call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"(Romans 10:9,10,13)....Denounce that suicide is my choice...

Prayer for Suicide Is My Choice

Lord Jesus,come into my heart today. Wash me with your precious blood, save my soul. Remove the thoughts of suicide from my heart,and help me trust you with all my heart. Give me the peace to live in this world,and love you forever,Amen

From To Impartial Suicide

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