11yrs Old Commits Suicide-
Where Do We Go From Here?

11yrs old commits suicide, but even more horrifying,younger than 11 years are killing themselves.

Sad girl being consoled-teenager commits suicide

No 11 years old ever just decided that they want to die. 

No 11 years old ever decided that they never wanted to play with their friends ever again.  They never wanted to see mom and dad ever again. 

Because they just want to end their life right now. No, there is a power, on entity behind a 11 years old killing themselves,(a power beyond them to say no), I will not kill myself.

 When Satan Wants You Dead

11yrs old commits suicide, is not a barrier. Demons do not care about age. Satan enters anyone, at anytime, to manipulate and des.

Satan does not just prey on older more mature people,(he preys on innocence). 11 years old and younger who are incapable of making rational decisions.

As mentioned,many children Satan destroys with suicide,have an amazing future that satan truncate. He sees the light at the end of their tonnel before anyone does.

He  smothered the light before anyone  else discover it.  These children faced a sudden situation that resulted in impulsive death

When a 11 Years old Commits Suicide-Where are Their Destiny?

Like some adults, as mentioned, an 11 years old, rarely ever consider about hell or heaven. They just want to get away from the offending situation.

I was older than 11 yrs old when I too wanted to get away). I never thought about hell,heaven,or family,(I just wanted not to experience the pain anymore).

I don't know what is God's decision for 11 years old or younger commiting suicide,(I do not know where they will  spend their eternity

Most 11 years old have not even reach the age where they can discuss the things of God, (where they can accept, or reject  God wholeheartedly). In other words,where they can seek to choose God with all their heart and soul, (or choose to serve the devil for eternity).

Who Knows God's Decision in The End?

  •  No-one young or old can change back FOREVER after suicide.
  •  No-one get a second chance to apologize for the mistake made to suicide
  • No-one can pray to God for deliverance after suicide or any death.
  • DEATH is FINAL - ONCE THE SOUL LEAVEs THIS body, (there is no coming back to live again).

    All I can say is, Hell  and heaven is Real!  Do not Commit suicide,regardless of your age.  Only when you reach your destination...will you know where you will end up... 11yrs old commits suicide, or younger is not the solution.

While On Earth...

God give every human being a FREE WILL to choose Him or not to choose Him,(even a child)... If God (forced you to serve Him,

it will be ("God's Will" -not yours),therefore, God would  (always  have to force you to do "His will" forever).  So God gave you a choice. Choose Him freely or not.

God placed you on earth to serve Him...Do not choose suicide over God.

***It would be better for you to run away to the police station. And inform the police that you feel like killing yourself...,(and let them find a solution for you)*** 


As I mentioned before, I do not know God's opinion, (if you  follow through and still kill yourself)...whether you will go to heaven or hell)....(because you are just a child)...But do not try to suicide,and find out at the end of death - you may be disappointed forever. (you have the capacity to choose and follow God now).


Suicide is a demon,but you can be delivered by Jesus Christ.

God is Speaking To You Too

  • "That if you  as a 11 year old,confess with your mouth, that "Jesus is Lord," then you truly believe in your heart that God made Jesus raised from the dead, (then you will be saved right now). You don't have to go to church.
  • (Just as how the thought of suicide come to you). It's with that heart, you believe unto righteousness. And with that mouth confession is made unto salvation.
  • For if  you (as a 11 years old,or younger,or any teen), call upon the name of the Lord, you shall be saved "(Romans 10:9,10,13).  talk with someone.
  • 11yrs old commits suicide is not the way.

Prayer for 11yrs old Commits Suicide

 Jesus Christ, I'm only 11yrs old but i want to commit suicide. Please forgive my sin and accept me as your child for heaven. Help me to love you,deliver me from those who are trying to destroy me. Take way the desire to commit suicide. I will serve you forever,Amen

From To  Your Precious Life

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