Life is Precious

Suicide-DoNot-Kill-YourSelf.  May I tell you a secret? your body belongs to someone else(you do not own yourself). You cannot destroy what you do not own,(or you will violate an eternal covenant. This is why you cannot kill your self:

sad young woman,suicide your precious life

1Corinthians 3:16,17"Do you not know that you are the temple of God,and that the spirit of God dwells within you? If any man defiles the temple of God,him shall God destroy, for the temple of God is holy."

You may be lonely, (your heart maybe broken), but you cannot kill yourself. You feel that no one loves you, no one cares about you, (you're isolated, friendless,loveless, even broke).

Perhaps you are that individual  who have lost your job. Now your home is in foreclosure). Your spouse,family, and friends abandoned you. You are embarrassed,and malnourished,(still you must hang in there), there is still hope for you.

Perhaps you are sexually abused,(and you feel that you have no one to  talk to). You are terrified(you do not trust anyone  anymore). You feel anyone you confide in will hurt you too.  You are frustrated with life,and seriously contemplating killing yourself.

No, (do not kill yourself to please anyone).   When you're dead, they will continue living,(but your soul will suffer the consequences of your actions for eternity

Suicide-DoNot-Kill-YourSelf Now

Suicide Is Not The Solution

Killing yourself will only get you deeper INTO sorrow and pain for eternity.  You must hang in there.Help is on its must believe!!

  • Please do not give into death!
  • Please do not give up!
  • Please do not end it all.

Do not give into the voice that whispers: (KILL YOURSELF). That voice is Satan's Demons sent to destroy you.

suicide is not the unforgivable sin- but if you are not alive to ask for God's forgiveness for attempting to take your life, (then how can you be forgiven?). Once the spirit leaves your body,(you have no more connection with God). The bible is God,speaking to man through His word...

He said,"it's appointed unto man, once to die, and after death comes the judgement."  After death, the only thing that is left for man  is  the judgement of God,(whether you commit suicide or died of natural cause). You will be sent to your eternal destiny,(hell or heaven whether you believe or not).

Where will you spend your eternity after suicide? did someone committed suicide, (is dead and buried)..came back from the grave and announced..(go ahead and kill yourself), suicide is great, you will love it after dead.

Satan will make it feel like killing yourself is a great relief, and a wonderful thing to do...but do not yield to him..Suicide-donot-kill-yourself.

I love You and Care Deeply For You

Why would I CARE SO MUCH for you? (because I love you, and I'm terrified of the consequences you will suffer after death.


Suicide-DoNot-Kill-Yourself! If you ignore my WARNINGS, and go through with  will realize in death that you have made an eternal error. But it will be too late to change your decision...and there will be no escape from eternity.

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