Suicide-DoNot Kill YourSelf-
Life is Precious

Why self murder? suicide-donot kill your self. Sure life is difficult at times. But it doesn't matter who we are in this world, we will face issues,great challenges.

sad young woman,suicide your precious life

You never thought  that the uphill battle you're experiencing in your life, are (challenges to make you a better human being). You find  your challenges unbearable and contemplate killing yourself, to be free from them, suicide-donot kill yourself.

Do you speak eloquently,or master  several languages?(it didn't just happen, you studied,memorize),or developed a method to help you remember. Before,during and after the method, there were challenges. Now you are prude of yourself. Life also have its exams-Suicide-do not kill yourself.

You're architects and engineers who developed and build the greatest skyscrapers,(it didn't just evolved),you went through a process to be successful,(those were challenges of your profession).  And you succeeded in the end. Whoever you are, do not give up on life's personal challenges. Suicide-do not kill yourself.

Suicide-DoNot Kill Yourself-From Personal Challenges

You're a woman and man who desire a child,(you can't just wish parenthood, and you automatically become pregnant,(you must go through  the process of pleasure and even frustration), those are challenges of life. Suicide-donot kill yourself.

You're a doctor,nurse,lawyer,judge,executive,scientist,police,soldier,any profession. You didn't become the professional you are by just picking up a tag, (you went through a process), some faced great challenges. You had to pass the test, to  be qualified for the job. The personal issues of life is also a process. Do not quit life.

Why is life's personal challenges any different? you pass the test of life when you overcome your depression with help. You recover from your heart-break,your pain, whatever you're experiencing in your life. Suicide-do not kill yourself.

You're wealthy, a millionaire,billionaire. Do you not face simple challenges running your empire?  Then why  choose suicide to overcome temporary complications of life?

Why is personal situations any different? No human being on the face of the earth can say,(I do not face challenges).  Why commit suicide when life throws you a curve ball? suicide-do not kill yourself.

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Find encouragement, hope for this life, and for the afterlife.

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Let's celebrate life's process. Do not quit in the beginning,middle or end of the journey.

  • The race is not for the swift
  • Nor the battle for the strong
  • Nor bread to the wise,
  • Nor riches to men of understanding,
  • Nor favor to men of skill,
  • But time and chances happen to them all
  • (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Do not cheat life, (by taking a short-cut to reach  the end), of life's journey. Committing suicide, (for a express trip to win the prize) "Heaven" you thought. You will  not win the prize. But you will be sorry in the end.Suicide-do not kill yourself.  

After the error of suicide, (you cannot change from your terror,your dread,your fear,your anger,your pain), for eternity. Suicide-do not kill yourself!! 

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