Teenage Suicide-
I Just Want To Die 

Teenage Suicide, shouldn't  happen in your life on impulse ,or anytime when you are feeling hopeless,helpless and in deep despair.

Sometimes the pain you feel today,will not feel the same way tomorrow.

sad teenager sitting on grass,teenager suicide

But your weakness is a trap for you.  There is a enemy of teenagers, a enemy of the soul.  He uses your weakness and your pain to destroy you, when you least expect it.

Dear teenager, I hurt for you -Please do not  kill yourself.   I know that you are  hurting deeply. But there is true Peace and happiness for you. 

you may not feel love,tenderness,and understanding right now, but i assure you.  If you pass this test. You can overcome any situation,when it comes in your life, later on 

Teenage Suicide-Too Young To Die..

1.   There is HOPE for you! Hope in Jesus Christ. Teenager you are too young to die without hope. Your destiny will not end in ease and happiness. 


2.   Jesus wants you to embrace Him with your whole heart,(and not just Him forcing Himself upon you to deliver you from suffering, and untimely death,(teenage suicide). "Truly THERE'S A loving God."   GOD  is the creator of heaven and earth; He is the giver of life. HE MUST BE WORSHIP.

3.   God wants to be your father,your mother,and for you to trust Him. GOD WANTS YOU TO turn to Him more than a friend. God,doesn't want you to consider suicide. God doesn't desire the death of anyone. YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO DIE such a wicked death. It's too sad to die without Christ).

Don't Consider Teenage Suicide-This Challenge Too Shall Pass

Change will come to you,(suicide is evil).  The devil wants you dead. Satan will put you in challenging  situations that seem unbearable,(but that challenge too shall pass).. 

The situations that Satan uses to break your spirit  down. That problem is your weakness. Then you want to give up in despair.

But you will be another soul,Satan add to his kingdom in  hell. (the devil is real). The bible the word of God declare:

"Do you not know that your bodies are  the                    
temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you,                    
whom you have received from God?                   
You are not your own-                   
You were bought at a price-                   
Therefore glorify God with your body"                   
  (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)               

Teenage Suicide is a Lie!

Satan knows that  he can easily convince you to kill yourself when you are young. Teenage suicide is a lie. Satan can easily blind your eyes from seeing the future. 

If Satan allow you  to live and you mature,(or get older) someone may ENTER INTO  your life and change your created destiny of suicide..

This someone may prevent you from killing yourself ,(so Satan will gain your soul for his own kingdom).  

My dear teenager,God is speaking to you through His word.  It's so easy for you to take your life.

But what will you do when you remain "stubborn" "self will"and decided that no one can tell you what to do with your own life?), That it's your business if you commit suicide.



Ask God  for forgiveness NOW, and change your life. Death is the end of the beginning.

You may say that when I commit suicide I will be free from living  in this life,and I will be happier in the next life,however, that is not what the bible said...

"Do not marvel at this, for the hour is          
coming in which - "ALL" who are in the             
GRAVES will hear His voice,and come forth-                
those who have done good, to the resurrection                
of life,and those who have done evil,                
(teenage suicide is evil),to the resurrection of              
condemnation"(Jon 5: 29).Can you tell God that you didn't turn to Him for forgiveness,and help,because you did NOT  know?  YOU KNOW NOW- you're being WARNED NOW!!

Teenage  Suicide IS A DeathTrap..

You feel more happier when you think of dying. Because is using suicide as a death trap for you. You cannot see it yourself  even for a moment.

Because Satan blind your eyes, and your spirit. That unseen being  is attempting to destroy you in your most fragile moment?

  • when you are feeling low in spirit,
  • when everything in your life is going wrong;
  • you're feeling depressed,
  • you're having issues with your  parents;
  • you have a learning disability;
  • you are having issues with your sexuality;
  • you have a eating disorder;
  • you are experiencing cyber bullying,either on a social network,or at school).

Perhaps you may even start experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

You may even be in a relationship where there is violence( you love this person, and you want to die because of him or her), the way you are being treated. 

Do you know who this entity is that's working to destroy you? Do you know why this entity wants you dead

Please listen dear teenager with a open heart. Do not shut up your heart. Do not shut up your soul,and spirit, from what you are hearing now. Do not become a statistic of teenage suicide. Call the suicide hotline

sad young  man on top bench, in deep thoughts

Satan-The Devil-Lucifer-The Demon of Hell,Wants To Destroy You,Dear Teenager

Satan gives you  a false hope,he gives you a feeling of euphoria;(a false high), so that you cannot wait to die.  

You don't even think of the value of your own life anymore,(or the consequences of your action), when you kill yourself).

You just want to be free from the bondage of pain. And (Satan gives you the  desire to feel joyful,and be pain free when you die).

Death is most appealing than living,(most beautiful and desirable).

Dear Suicidal Teenager-Your Soul is Priceless  So is Your Life..

1).   I want you to know that your soul is even more valuable than your very life."For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and Lose his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"(Matthew 16:26)The truth will give you a reason to be alive.

2). The truth will bring peace,joy, and tenderness into your heart and life,free you from the thought of committing teenage suicide.

When you're hurting, (you will not  think of killing yourself because its comforting to you).

Some (of your peers have already killed them-self impulsively out of anger,irritability,and deep despair,because that's the weapon Satan used against them). 

He  breaks them down, until they are weak,and tired,then  they finally give in to a death wish,(teenage suicide)but you,

know better now....

 Jesus declare:        

"I say unto you,he who hears 
my word and believes in Him who sent me, 
has everlasting life, and shall not come 
into the judgment,but is passed from
death into life"(John 5:24).   

Say goodbye to a angry heart,suicidal thoughts. Be delivered from suicide,from,(committing teenage suicide).

Suicidal Teenage How to Change Your Way ..

This is what you need to do: "If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead. You shall be saved.

For with the heart man believe unto righteousness,but with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

For whosoever call upon the name of the Lord, SHALL BE SAVED.(Romans 10:9,10,13).

If you commit your life to Christ,He will change your directions.

Prayer For Teenage Suicide

Dear heavenly father,the God who makes
heaven and earth. The God who
send your son Jesus Christ  to died on the cross

for my sins. Please save my soul..

Please deliver me from suicide,
Please give me a new beginning,
Please help me to serve you for
ever.Please help me to feel
the love and tenderness you
have for me.  I will serve

you with my whole life

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