Suicide Is Not Painless-The after life

Suicide Is not Painless!  Suicide  is a horrific destiny for eternity.

No one is home free from the consequences  of suicide after death. You may not

experience pain,(with the best suicide method), that you may utilize.

However,(if you have children), you have already set  the stage  for their life,(and if

there's no children),the memory you created will never fade,(from  your family

and friends), the sorrow of Suicide will always resonate  with them. And when

some are faced with issues in their own life), that they cannot resolve  immediately,

their first thought  may be-"suicide"(eventually they may follow in your footstep).

Suicide is not painless.

man under tree,suicide is not painless

If I want to Die-Kill myself,why  do I care if suicide is not painless?

Why do you want to leave behind a trail of d death.  Why do you want

the  frail  and brokenhearted to follow in your footstep? Stop!! Killing yourself-

suicide is never painless.  Believe it or not,you will continue  a phenomenon,that

cannot be explained.  All problems that you face right now is temporary.  Satan

is  blocking your perception so that you  cannot  see your way out. He is out

reaping,and   your soul will be next. Will you let him win? suicide is not painless.

Satan's Lies! Death brings Happiness and Joy...

"I will have no more  problems when I'm dead" you said, "I will be

happy in heaven forever"  (Sorry to eradicate your joy), but that 

is a lie from hell.  The life you live now,will be recreated  for you to see

when you are dead.  Every  thought you think, and every deeds you've done       

since you were expelled from the womb, will be presented to you, (and aired        

at the judgement seat-things you did in secret; words spoken; actions you have

done,and long forgotten will be read to you... small insignificant deeds, (you

thought, is nothing bad) will already signed your destiny for eternity.

When you are alive and on earth, you have the privilege to ask

forgiveness.  But now you are not just dead,(you have killed yourself). You

sinned against God, and man, (you did exactly  what God said you shouldn't do). 

"killed your  own self" you commit "self murder." You destroyed the body God

gave you.

"Do you not know that your
bodies are the temple of
God, who is within you,
Whom you received from God?
You are not your own; you
were bought with a price.
Therefore,honor God with
your bodies"
(1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

"But the cowardly,the
unbelieving,the vile,the
murderers,the,sexually immoral
those who practice magic arts,the
idolaters,and all liars,they will
be cast into  the burning lake of
burning sulfur. This is the
second death."(Revelation 21:8)
(suicide is not painless).

Some folks cannot make any decision for themselves,when life throws

them a curve ball,(they are sad, and just want to give upon life immediately). 

***Hi you, (on the INTERNET and elsewhere),you  are going to give an account to God at the judgement, (for encouraging people to go    ahead and kill themselves).  You are sending your own soul to hell. Do not make  decisions for people when they are weak, or kick  them when they are down,   (do not egg them  on). Satan is waiting  for your soul too,(because he used you as  a task master on earth, (and     you let him),change your ways!!***

Do not allow people,(young and old), to fulfill their destruction by committing 

suicide- (suicide is not painless, and not the way-there's a price  to pay in life,   

and after death).

Living in this world is hard-Suicide, dying, without God is worst!

It's sad, whether we all acknowledge it or not, - (but everyone of us,

regardless of who we are), at some discouraging, devastating point in our life,

"thought  of killing ourselves,(we thought of death and dying),to solve a

temporary problem.   (As a young adult, I thought of dying),and leaving my

troubles behind,( I no longer have this  thought even when i am broken), I'm

delivered.  For some  people,suicide is just a thought - (but for others,it's a  true

reality, they did it, or planning to do it).   "Self murder" is  the  Beginning,of

A Great and Dreadful destiny, where suicide is not  painless- we will never

experience life again.  never again  will we  be able to amend our thoughts and

 begin life anew. Do Not Take Your Precious Life!

Suicide is not  the Way! Find Peace and the Reason for Living...

woman arm around man-suicide not painless

Suicide is not painless Regardless of what others may compel  you to

believe.  Find  hope,peace,and true meaning to life - Killing yourself is a terrible

lie from Satan to deceive you.(you cannot see the deceit,until you're dead).

When we contemplates,"suicides"Satan  gives you/us the spirit of euphoria,so

that we are happy, and content thinking about death and dying,Satan (then 

laugh at us if we truly follow through and  kill ourselves - then we end up in his

kingdom).  The devil will have our soul for eternity.

Remember this....
Evey  individual in this life
experience some form  of
stress. None of us  regardless
of our status,will ever leave
this life "alive"  problem free.-
"Pressure and pain" has its
time under the sun, but the
heavenly father Will give us all
THE STRENGTH to overcome.

Suicide is not painless - both young and old, who have already

committed suicide - Some(thought that they would KILL themselves,then be

taken to heaven),and be free from trouble forever - This thinking is sad,(because

every soul on earth,must be holy,and Righteous to live in Heaven). No

evil,SIN, can enter into God's heaven -His paradise.  Any (man who has sinned

cannot cross the gate), to a life of peace and joy.  Sin must first be forgiven on

earth,(there must be a mediator who can vouch for you/US, that WE are forgiven,

(to GOD the father).  The ONLY ONE who can vouch for OUR forgiveness is, Jesus

Christ the son of God.  WE  have to know Him on earth first,AS OUR

LORD,AND SAVIOR before He can be OUR defense TO ENTER through the

gate of heaven.

Find Deliverance from Suicide! God,The Way-The Truth-The Life!

You will find in Jesus Christ....





and "peace of mind" waiting for you? .

Suicide is not painless - Did you honestly,and sincerely seek for the help that you

need to make it through this life? You are a sinner living in such state of sin, the

word of God declared:

All have sinned,and become short,
of the glory of God."(Romance 6:23)

You/WE have sinned when WE consider and follow through with

suicide),therefore, neither of us  can enter heaven with sin.  For the

word of God said again "for the wages of sin is death,but the gift of God is eternal

life"(Romance 3:23).  You deserve eternal death from God in hell,but God the

father sent His son to become a blood sacrifice for your sin,(sins of the world). 

But you have to offer up your sin to Jesus Christ yourself, for His forgiveness

 Suicide is not OK- do not believe those lies,find Truth for Yourself!

First,neither you,nor I want to end up in hell(and whether or

not you believe in hell, that wont change anything). There is a Hell,     

and if you miss heaven and end up there,you have  no one to blame but

yourself.  Suicide  is not painless,there is a penalty after death: "suicide is


SOUL  You will pay a price...(others who have attempted suicide,but

survived,their suicide stories).  But whether you live or die,there is still a Hell,

where suicide is not painless,

"And I saw a great white throne,
and Him who seated on it..
Earth and sky, fled from His
presence and there was no place
for them...
And I saw the dead, great and
small, standing before the
throne..and books were opened..
Another book was opened,
which was the book of life....
The dead were judged according
to what they had done as
recorded in the books.
The sea gave up the dead that
were in it, and death and
Hades gave up the dead that were
in them. And each person
was judged according to what he
had done....
If anyone name was not found in
the book of life, he was
thrown into the lake of fire"
(Revelation 20:11-13).

Ask Jesus  to deliver you from Suicide, darkness and Hell...

 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord
Jesus, and believe in your heart that God hath raised
Him  from the dead, you,(any individual) shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believes unto righteousness;
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
(Romans 10:9 10,13)

For the scripture says, Whosoever believes on Him
shall not be ashamed. For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord  shall be saved."
(Romans 10:10.13)

Suicide is Not Painless-Christ Can Deliver You!

women sitting on bench head bowed,none suicide


Dear heavenly father - the creator,
of the universe,  The God who
gives life. The God who send
your son Jesus Christ to died
for my sins,and the sins of the world.
please forgive my sins -
forgive all my sinful
thoughts and desire             
to kill myself. Give me

a new beginning on earth,
give me a new life in you.
 I will serve you forever. 
I want to go to heaven
when I die.  Give me peace,

and joy in you,amen

Suicide is not painless, but there can be joy and peace at the end of

your life with Christ.  Be unshackled for eternity.

Do not Commit Suicide!

suicide not painless to I will suicide

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