Soldier Suicide-
Do You Know Your Destiny?

Dear soldier. Why a soldier suicide?you are special,you are unique.  It takes a very special person like you to be a soldier. Why choose a destiny you cannot change?

soldier head bowed,a soldier suicide
  • You're that special person to heed  
     the call for battle.
  • You're that special person to obey
     a command to go wherever you were
     directed without fear. Under many
     circumstance  as a soldier,
     (you are not concern for your 
     own well being).
  •  You as a soldier,(You just want to do
     what Needs to be done).
  • Oh mighty worrier,why would you
     die In vain?

Soldier Suicide--Mighty Warrior,Suicide is Not The Solution

  • You have a calling to be brave-
  • You have a calling to protect -
  • You have a calling to be loyal-
  • You have a calling to be dependable-
  • You have a calling to be respectable-
  • You have a calling to give a command,
    or a calling to follow a command-
  • You have a calling to be reliable
  • You have a calling  to have integrity-
  • You have a calling to be honorable-
  • You have a calling to be trustworthy.

Dear soldier,whether you're engaged in battle or not,it takes a special person to do what you were destine to do

The bible the word of God described a good  soldier as  "Might men of valor;"(1 Chronicles 11:10,14), (why would a mighty man end his life abruptly?). 

Why a soldier losing to suicide? In many wars of time past, (many soldiers hope and pray) that they would return to their family even with part of a body missing.

Then why destroy your  own body and soul with a soldier suicide? 

Live Mighty Man Of Valor-Soldier Suicide

Soldier God loves you.  Your are a Mighty man of Valor. DO NOT COMMIT a soldier SUICIDE.

  • Oh soldier,you will not score points and go to heaven when you kill yourself. The greatest point you will score is-  ETERNITY IN HELL WITH SATAN....
  • Your soul will be lost,and your spirit will wonder the earth until the day of judgement, then your soul will be judged.
  • And how sad it will be for the soldier -when Satan laughs at your soul in Eternity,(you are precious to God while you live),when you are death there is no more hope or peace with  God,(you choose a destiny that you cannot change for eternity).

Soldier/Veteran-Do Not Commit  Soldier Suicide

God has a purpose for your life...

  • Perhaps you feel less of a soldier if you are not being engaged
    in battle, killing yourself),is just as good as if someone killed you,(it's a worthless thought,but who knows what people think.
  • Sometimes you dear soldier, do-not understand what's happening in your mind.
  • Dear soldier,there is hope for you,there is peace for you,
    but not from a soldier suicide thoughts.  Hope, is  found in Jesus Christ, it's found in His forgiveness and peace.

Soldier Suicide-Change Your Yesterday To  a New Today

Perhaps,you are one of those soldiers having nightmares; you feel that you're losing your mind.

  • You cannot think, you cannot concentrate.
  • The effect of war is racing through your thoughts constantly.
  • Many like yourself have committed suicide

        already. But you're alive for a reason.

  • God can clean up your thoughts and give

         you a new beginning. He can erase the

         effect of war,and not making you another

         in the statistic,a "soldier suicide"again.

  • Army uses video games to help prevent suicide

The bible the true word of God, declared:

"Come now and let us reason 
together, says the Lord...
though your sins are like
scarlet, they shall be as white
as snow; though they are red
like crimson, they shall become
like wool,(Isaiah 1:18).

Your heart can be wipe clean from the pain that is racing through your mind,to destroy you. 

Why soldier suicide? Because Satan sense that  he has you  in your most vulnerable moment,and he can use your weakness to destroy your dear soul.

There is a Power Greater than Satan-Soldier Suicide

Who is able to deliver you?   (The creator God), God made the world and everything in it,He can change your life,(deliver you).

 God made soldiers from the beginning, (soldiers are needed ),in times of war,to  protect a country, a nation,(You are needed)! 

A soldier suicide - why die in vainMighty  warrior,(this All Mighty God can Help You).  Who is this God? The bible the word of God declared:

  • "In the beginning was the Word
    and the Word was with God,and the 
    Word was God.

  • All things were made by Him,
    and without Him there was nothing
    made that was made.

  • In Him was life,and the life was
    the light of men."
    (John 1-5).

This God,this true and living God,can deliver you from a soldier suicide and give you a new life.   

Why kill yourself and then  find out  in death, that you made a huge mistake,(but you cannot return  back into your body to make amends).  You cannot return to life and  ask forgiveness.

Ask God now, to save your soul, (while you are alive and breathe life.Your loved-ones prayer will not save your soul  after suicide. God doesn't deliver and save dead people.

God gave man every opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,(when man is alive). Hebrews 9:27"It appointed unto man once to die, then after death,comes the judgement."

Soldier Suicide -Killing Yourself is Not the Solution

"He came to His own,but His own didn't
receive Him.
But as many as receive Him,to them
He gave the right to become children
of God,to those who believe in His
name." (John 1:11

Do not reject Jesus Christ,instead,(choose  the light,the truth,the way), then suicide shall be a thought of the past You will not spend eternity in hell -away  from God?

active duty solders

1. Why die in vain?why a soldier suicide?
2. Why suffer eternal pain in hell, for eternity?
3. God is calling you dear soldier..

Do not heed the devil's voice, old Satan whispering in your ears to commit suicide God wants to make you a soldier of the cross!

If the Army, or the Military can make such a man or woman out of you...think about what God the creator can do to your life.  Suicide is a worthless,(a empty way to die). 

What useless way to have your spirit wander aimlessly on the face of the earth,(until the judgement day of Christ,when God shall reward all man) for deeds done in his body,(including suicide). 

The prince of peace can give you peace,rest,joy,to your soul now.  And strength to overcome your adversity now.

  •  God Will Not Force Himself on Anyone..
  • Jesus Christ will not force you to accept and serve Him. Jesus Christ gave you a free will. You freely choose Him, or not,You decide. 

There's a Heaven and a Hell Don't Kill Yourself-Soldier Suicide

Soldiers your eternal soul is doom forever when  your  name is  not listed, in the book of  life. But your name is  among  those who have (sinned against God).

And have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,(like a suicide soldier).

  • And I saw a GREAT WHITE THRONE,and Him that sat on it,
    from whose face THE EARTH AND THE HEAVEN FLED away,
    and there was found no place for them.
  • And I saw  THE DEAD,SMALL and GREAT,STAND before God,
    and the BOOKS were opened - and another book was opened,
    which is the BOOK OF LIFE - and the DEAD WERE JUDGED
    according to what was written in the books.
  • And the sea GAVE UP THE DEAD,(suicide gave up the dead that
    were in it too),and DEATH AND Hell delivered up the dead 
    that was in them,and they WERE JUDGED, every man according 
    to his works.
  • And death and hell were cast into the lake of FIRE.
    This is the second death..
  • And whosoever name was not found written in the book of life
    were cast into the lake of fire."(Revelation 20:11-15)

Dear soldier-whatever in life that is bothering you can be fixed through Christ. 

God send His only begotten son on earth to give you eternal life, God gave you a heart ,soul,and spirit

He put the spirit of God all around  you,it's up to you to accept the truth,(do not reject God's love for you). 

Please do not let (us all weep for you,a great  loss). Again the word  of God declared: 

"For the invisible things of Him

from the creation of the world

are clearly seen, being understood

by the things that are made, even

his eternal power and Godhead;

so that you are without excuse"

(Romans 1:20).

God made Himself clear to you, will you reject God and  commit suicide, for  a way out of a situation.

If you kill yourself, you will  find  out,(in death  that you are in  a deeper  eternal trouble), when you arrive at your destiny), Your eternity will be one that you cannot change. 

A Soldier suicide, no,-there are many  challenges that you will face on your mission. But there is hope for you.

Dear soldier-Give 

All Your Anxiety,Your 
Your Fears To  God!

Turn to God,ask Him to save your soul first, then give Him all of your problems.   

All the things in this life that hurt you  so much,God can change its direction,(and make a way of escape for you). "Jesus declared:

"I am the bread of life.

He who comes to me will

never go hungry,he who

believes in me will never

go thirsty.(John 6:35)

He also said,"I am the door,

if anyone enters through Me,

he shall be saved,and shall go

in and out,and find pasture."

(John 10:9).

But sin separates us from God,which leads us to eternal domination. One soldier may wish to commit suicide (then another soldier follow), for whatever problem or issues.  

Soldier Suicide-Be Delivered  To  A Change Life

A soldier suicide. You tried  everything in this life that doesn't help. Now try the only solution that works for eternity

"For God so loved the world

that he gave His only begotten

son,that whosoever believe in

Him shouldn't perish but have

eternal life"

"For God send not His son into

this world to condemn the world,

but that the world through Him,

should be saved,John 3:16-17). 

Believe in the word of God, it's true and faithful.  And it will save your soul from Hell.

Save  yourself  from a soldier SUICIDE. Man cannot help you, (but God can). Listen to true stories of people, even soldiers. unshackled.

Search the archives for soldier/military/veteran. The bible declare:

  • "That if thou shalt confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, 
    and believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the 
    dead,you shalt be saved.

  • "For with the heart man believe unto righteousness,but with the
     mouth confession is made unto salvation"

  • "For the scripture says, Whosoever believe on Him shall
     not be ashamed." 

  • "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the 
    Lord shall be saved."Romans 10:9,10,11,13)

Then when you have asked God to save your soul. The word declared:

  • "Cast all your care on Him"(1 Peter 5:7) 
  • Call unto me, and I will answer you,   
    and show you great and mighty things, which you don't know.
    (Jeremiah 33:3).

Prayer When You're Contemplating-Soldier Suicide

Dear heavenly father,the God who created the heaven and the earth.

Show me your purpose  for my life. Remove suicide from my thinking,and give me a new heart.

Forgive all my sin. Accept me  as your child  forever I will be a true soldier of the cross, until you take me from this life,amen    

To I Will Commit Suicide

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