Millionaire Suicide-
Finding Peace of Mind

Mr and Mrs millionaire,why  a millionaire suicide?  You seem to have everything everyone else wants and need.  

millionaire mindset man,millionaire suicide

You as a millionaires may have studied at universities and achieved several degrees,(before achieving your millions). 

Perhaps you are a millionaire who acquired Millions through practical knowledge, (handwork and  investment). Maybe the heirs of your family legacy.

Regardless of how you achieved your millions,(you are still a millionaire).  Why do you desire to commit suicide when life's  problems gets you down?

A Permanent Solution to A Temporary Problem-Millionaire Suicide

No matter how rich a person may become.  S/he may still have a deep feeling of need. When the lights are dim and the fun diminish(it's more like a feeling of emptiness).   

Though you may work to exhaustion,(invest millions,and achieved greater grains). Still  you may never feel completely  happy or fulfilled. You cannot seem to explain it. How you have everything that money can buy), but still feel that something is missing). 

What is the missing link  to your existence? What will give you complete happiness, and peace of mind?

Committing suicide is not the solution that you are looking for. Suicide is a ticket to eternity that you can never change.

Mr and Mrs Millionaire Your True Happiness Comes From Peace with God...

Mr and Mrs Millionaire,you may NOT believe in God, (or believe that there is a God WHO CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH).  Not believing is not a good thing. Because Satan believe in God,(and is afraid James 2:19).

But whether you believe it or not.You were Created for a Purpose."

God created "MAN" for Himself, to Love,Worship and Serve Him,(Isiah 43:7)

The word of God declare:"Thou art worthy, Oh Lord,to receive glory and honor and power;for thou has created all things,for thy pleasure"(Revelation 4:11). 

If God is not more important to you than  anything else in the world. Then that(space within you that was created for Him) will  continue to feel empty. You will never be satisfied with your millions,(with life, with love,with pleasure).

It will be easy for you to give up your wealth  (for a so called happiness). Or by Committing suicide.  Suicide is one of Satan's Trap to win your soul for his kingdom for eternity).

Depression and brokenness will lead you to another level. Lead you to kill yourself. Regardless of what you achieve, when you are faced with issues in your life,(your solution may be to quit life, suicide.

No individual who ever committed suicide,(ever return back  from the grave to testify about how peaceful, and good suicide is).  

Believe and seek God for your soul,(no millionaire suicide).

Every human being were created with a need to serve,(not serve one's
self,or serve people only. But to serve God. Not serve in religion.
Serving God, and serving in religion are two different entity.
"God is more awesome than His Holy hills"(Psalms 68:35). More awesome than any gods of this world,(they cannot give breath or life).

"The fools have said in his heart that there is no God,they are corrupt"
(Psalms 53:1).  David a king from the bible states:
 "Those who trust in their wealth and boast in the the multitude of
their riches.  None of them by any means can redeem his brother,nor
give to God a ransom for him. For the redemption of their souls is
costly.  For he sees wise men die;likewise the fool,and the senseless
person perish,and leave their wealth to others. 

Their inner thought
is that their houses will last forever,their dwelling place to all
generations,Nevertheless man,though in honor,does not remain, He is
like the beast that perish. This is the way of those who are foolish,
and of their posterity who approve their sayings.  like sheep they
are laid in the grave;death shall feed upon them"(Psalm 49:1-13).
(committing suicide is one of their ultimate destruction).

Pain and Sorrow of a Suicide Millionaire..

Mr and Mrs millionaire,(sooner or later' every individual rich or poor) may become tired and frustrated with life. When a issue arise that they cannot solve immediately.

Some millionaires who become bored with life, or its  problems, may decided that they did it all, and is still unhappy,(so committing suicide is the best solution).

They arrive at this conclusion-what's my purpose in life. Why am I here? and since that  purpose is not fulfilled -life means nothing,(no matter how rich).   There is one who can change the meaning to life...

But there is one thing that remains forever-
Jesus Christ,He is the same yesterday,
today, and for ever,(Hebrews 13:8)

Jesus save life, He saves soul,He gives peace of min.

You may feel that your riches has nothing to do with God. That your riches is a result of your handwork,the legacy of your family).  Yes, but God is the maker of heaven and earth, (Haggai 2:8)"The silver is Mine and the Gold is mine" declares the Lord of host.

Millionaire Suicide-Do Not Sell Your Soul For That Which is Not

When you commit suicide, You are selling your soul to the devil. In exchange for peace,tranquility, that you're unsure of, when you're dead.

Why would you risk your soul for the unknown? Why  listen to an unknown voice whispering deep within you,convincing you to kill yourself.  

Every time that voice whispers, KILL YOURSELF! CRY OUT- Jesus,Jesus save me.  There is hope for you.

Millionaires Has two Roads to Choose from Before Commingling Suicide

    Wide is the road (Matthew 7:13-14) that leads to destruction.
  • The  first road - Satan promises you peace, joy,
    happiness,eternal freedom from pain and suffering,
    (when you choose to commit suicide ).
    He takes away the fear of dying from you, (before
    you joint those who've already killed them-self),(another
    millionaire suicide).

  • Satan gives you a false high, (a feeling of euphoria),
    so that you cannot wait to die,(all that  you can think
    of is leaving this earth,and find a new life,in
    a so-called new dimension).
  • The millions you treasured;your family;your
    friends,your collections of toys, your
    incredible homes,your vacation hideaway,
    nothing seemed to matter anymore,you(just
    cannot wait to die)
  • The only thing you care about now,is your fascination
    with death. You feel like you're being swept away
    in a dream,(in a  new adventure that you cannot wait
    to explore),millionaire suicide?- DO NOT KILL YOURSELF,
    You will realize in death -before you enter your destiny, that you  made a great eternal mistake,(but you cannot come back to make amends). 

Mr and Mrs Millionaire- Choose the Second Road 

The second road is narrow,(few enter that road), but it's a road to God's  Grace, a road that leads to God Almighty,  a road  that lead  to forgiveness.

It's a road that leads to eternal life, a  road that leads a home in heaven forever. Heaven  is where you shall see God's face to face,and God shall wipe away all tears from the  eyes of those who love Him forever....

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has
 conceived what God has prepared for those
 who love him"(1 Corinthians 2:9).

You believe in everything  that this rebellious, archangel  Satan, the devil says,(suicide is okay. Then he e whispers in your heart, in your feelings,in your desire to commit suicide). 

Mr and Mrs millionaire. What shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world,and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?(Mark 8:37).

All the wealth of this wide world, you cannot give in exchange for your precious soul

The power, joy, happiness,and even the sadness that your money gives you on earth,means nothing to God in heaven,(Mr/Mrs millionaire,Satan is deceiving you.  

millionaire mindset woman,sitting on bench

Mr and Mrs Millionaire-Do Not Become Millionaire Suicide Statistic....

God, gave you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to achieve awesome honor,and glory in this world.

Your precious soul is worth more than gold, silver, and precious stones. Jesus Christ is not just for the poor,(or the down and out,without hope).

God is for you, (anyone,the wealthy,the millionaire the billionaire),"all" people, belong to Jesus not become a millionaire suicide statistic.

Mr and Mrs Millionaire/billionaire Jesus Christ,  Loves You and Cares for  You...

He cares for your soul.  Jesus doesn't want you to die and lose your soul. The word of God declared:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son,that whoever believes
in Him should not perish but have
everlasting life.
For God did not send His Son into the world
to condemn the world, but that the world
through Him might be saved.
(John 3:16-17)(or you,about to commit millionaire suicide).

No (payment is ever enough),that a man can live on  forever and not see decay.

For all wise men dies; so does the foolish and the senseless;the rich leave  their wealth to others. Their  tombs will remain their houses forever, their dwellings for endless generations(until the judgment),(Psalms 49:1-20).  

Suicide destroys your body, and send your soul to eternal hell. But even if you never commit  suicide,(but you died without accepting Christ Jesus), as your Lord and master), your soul will still be lost for eternity.

Jesus, doesn't want you to become another millionaire suicide individual. 

God doesn't want you to die and lose your soul to Satan. For I have no pleasure in the death of him that died,saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live,(Ezekiel 18:32).

The Bible, the word of God further declare:

Go to now, you rich men, weep and howl for your
miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are
corrupted,and your garments are moth eaten. Your gold
and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be
a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it
were fire. Ye have heaped treasures together for the last
days" (James 5:1-3)God doesn't hate YOUR riches,

(He gave it to you),but unfortunately,your

riches has become your god,so the God of heaven means nothing to you. Know this Hopeless a millionaire suicide -for Naked a man comes from his mother's womb,as he comes, so he shall depart.

Man takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hands wit him. This too is a grievous evil:

As a man comes, so he departs, and what
does he gain, since he toils for the
wind?All his  days he eats in darkness,
 with great frustration, affliction
and anger,(Ecclesiastes 5:15-17).

Perhaps you do not believe , or care about God...


Please, do not close off your mind, and heart -Today, if you hear his voice,do not harden your heart,(Hebrews 3:15).  

Listen to Unshackled true life drama stories.  People  who have overcome various issues in life,they are delivered and set free. People with problems just like yours.

Mr and Mrs Millionaire Suicide is Not an Option..

Mr and Mrs Millionaire,Let  Jesus Christ Change Your Heart  and Life. Do not become a millionaire who give his millions away and begin to live a life of simplicity,(or then commit suicide). 

Become a millionaire who Serve God with his whole heart,who uses his body for Christ,(and enjoy the money God gave you).  

God is your  God.  You must  serve God with your body, mind,and spirit. Do not serve Satan by listening to the voice whispering  in your ears to becomes a  millionaire suicide individual. 

  •  "That if you shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord
    Jesus, and believe in your heart that God hath raised
    Him  from the dead, you,(a millionaire) shalt be saved.

  •  For with the heart man believes unto righteousness;
     and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

  •  For the scripture says, Whosoever believes on Him
     shall not be ashamed.

  •  For there is no difference between the Jew and the
     Greek:(the rich and poor), for the same Lord over
     all is rich unto all  that call upon Him.
  • For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord
     shall be saved.
  • Reach out to the eternal God). (you a millionaire suicide man/woman).

Don't  commit suicide, find Christ today!

Prayer for Mr and Mrs Millionaire Suicide Individual All Over The World

Dear father God who created

the heaven and the earth. I believe that you send your son,Jesus Christ

to save mankind from sin and hell.

Save my soul, come into my heart,

mind,change my thinking.change my

belief;make me clean,give me a

new beginning in this world;give me eternal life.

Take suicidal thoughts from me,I give

my life,my soul to you forever

use me as a millionaire for your glory and  your honor,amen

To Suicide Not Impartial 

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information to all its readers.She
believes 100% in the true word of
God,and has  attempted to present
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