Great Issues Of Life Suicide

The issues of life is enormous, you feel that you cannot endure those

problems anymore.  The  pain you encounter in your life  is like sinking

in the  miry pit of deep darkness,(with  no rescue,no-one to help you

out).  You cry,scream,yell,pray,(you even bribe God), but  still no-one

come to rescue you).  The quit-sand in the pit of your life,is up  to your

cheeks, (you are gasping for air),but  still  you are alone, (and you're

scared to die).  But do not give up! keep crying out even in your faint

voice -(sometimes help comes at the very last minute, (when death


man sitting in despair,the issues of life

Do Not Kill Yourself Because of The Issues of Life!

When the devil is determine to have you dead, by self inflicted,body

decapitation- "self murder" "suicide,"   Satan knows your weakness, and he

will strengthened them even more,(along with other issues to break your

spirit).  He will bring you to a point where you cannot see anything good in

yourself,or life,(you just want to die). Satan will not stop tugging at you. He

will make your life miserable,   Satan is afraid that if he allow you to live

(someone like me), is going to give you a word of encouragement,(and

introduce you to God).  Satan is afraid that you will accept Jesus Christ as

Lord and Savior,(so he whispers in your ears over and over again to commit

suicide). When Satan makes you depressed and discouraged:

  • No educational level
  • No career choice
  • No large bank account
  • Who your family are
  • How nice the cloths you wear
  • Who you know--
  • Who your friends are
  • What neighborhood you live in
  • What car you drive--
  • What your race is--
  • Where you were born
  • How much money you can
    spend during shopping----

God can deliver you from Satan's grasp,(and the desire  to kill yourself).

There is a Power Greater, and  stronger than Satan, who will rescue,

and save you,(but you call upon His Name by faith).  He is the Son of  God.

The you have a great desire to commit suicide, cry out:JESUS, JESUS,JESUS,


Some Issues of Life  why Some People  Commit Suicide...

  • You study hard for a degree but can't find a job.
  •  Your work hard and purchase a home,maintained it,now you lost it to foreclosure.
  • Where you live,you need transportation to get around,(you cant depend on family and friends),now your vehicle is repossessed.
  • You once had your own stuff,now you sleep on a knot in a shelter.
  • The issues of life is just ripping you apart You cant pay your storage fee,so your stuff is going to auction off.
  • You sleep in your old beat up vehicle,but you can't even afford gas..
  • You can't even remember the day you last had a great shower or bath.(you're homeless)
  • They hate you because you are from a different country;(they say you're taking their jobs).
  • You're homeless and
  • You're be bullied on social network and at school.
  •  have been raped several times,(and you're scared for your life).
  • You're lonely with no-one to love 
  • You have relationship problems. with(divorce;boy/girlfriend;
  • even close friends   
  • You have erectile dysfunction problems.
  •  You are unable to meet the necessary needs in life. 
  • You are having health issues.
  • You have death in your life, especially sudden death of loved-one,friend from suicide.
  • Feeling hopeless,helpless that things will 
    never change
  • Lack of self esteem,self hatred,no longer feel 
    capable, or worthy of love.
  • Having a illness, and chronic pain.
  • You are a couch potato,(you have a sluggish mind,spirit),leading to depression,and feeling suicidal.
  • No-one wants to hire you because you speak a different language,(and they don't understand your broken English).
  • You're an illegal and cant find a job,,,,
  • You're depressed and hate life,and truly want to die.
  • You're facing Financial problems.
  • Peer pressure.
  • You're be bullied on social network and at school.
  • You are overweight and disgusted with yourself.
  • You are overweight and disgusted with yourself.
  • You're be bullied on social network and at school.

Hope Can Help You Cope With Suicidal Thoughts...

You have suicidal thoughts constantly. Satan deposited in your heart

hatred for others,and for yourself.  He filled your thoughts with

worthlessness and hopelessness. You feel there's  absolutely no way out of

your dilemma,(your eyes are blind and your heart harden).  Satan convince

you that the  only solution for you is to,(commit suicide). The word of

God declared,"what does it profit a man to gain  the whole  world and lose

his soul,or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?(Mark

8:36). Hope in Christ, however, can help you cope with

suicidal thoughts.  The bible the word of God declared: "My sheep hear my

voice,and i know them,and they follow Me,and I give to them eternal life,and

they shall never perish..(John 10:27). Regardless of the issues of life that

you face,(your soul is more important than anything else in this wide world). 

Nothing can be compared to your soul. When you hope in Christ, believe

and trust in Him.  He will open your eyes to a new and better way out for

your situation,(your soul, body and spirit), will be joyful in this world,

(despite the issues of life.

Do Not kill Yourself Out of  Frustration for Issues of Life That's Temporary...  

The issues of life is temporary.  But you cannot see that there is hope

when Satan is  (whispering into your head to commit suicide). He says you

are a fool, (you could be much happier when you are dead). HE SAID THAT IF


DEVIL is a deluder.  HE CAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD WHEN you are lonely, sad,

broken,depressed, and you need a kind word,(of encouragement).

One of the worst thing about your predicament is: 

  • If you have children,you will destroyed them for                                               a lifetime,when you allow
    life's issue to cause you to take
    Your precious life.  
  • You're priceless,your soul is priceless!                                                        
  • Do not give in to suicide. You must not allow
    Satan to win this battle of life. 
  • You must not let Satan rejoice with your death!   

The Deceiver of Mankind from The Issues of Life..

This you should know- no one get it absolutely right in this world,  no

matter how smart,intellectual,rich or well established he is,(we all make

mistakes, and face different issues).  There is time for everything under the

sun that God created,(a time for pain,healing,a time for crying,and

laughing,a time for hate and love)(Ecclesiastes 3:1). However,  some people

pain  may have worst  consequences than others- ( that's life, their portion

under the sun). Reach for the HOPE THAT CAN HELP,DELIVER YOU.  REACH


police issues,the issues of life

Satan rejoice when you are hurting-(you feeling broken).  It's Satan's

opportunity (to work with you now)  He will try to destroy your body, and

soul.  Or he will make you not want to believe or trust in God,(this way he


 "Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things,which you

don't know"(Jeremiah 33:3). Cry out with all your heart TO JESUS. If you do

not believe in God, (but you want to), say  

God, if you are the God who

created the heaven and the earth,

show me  your mercy . Change my life

completely;make me new inside out,

take away the spirit of suicide,and

anything else that  hinders your love

in my heart; please dear father,I'm

desperate,   I need the love of your

dear son Jesus Christ within me.

The GREATEST Issue of Life is Sin Leading To Eternity from God and Heaven

Every human being upon the face of the earth, will give an account to 

God, (about the life he lived on earth one day).  Everyone who killed themselves

will face a dreadful, and horrific destiny, that will be a forever eternity.

When human beings choose not to SERVE,WORSHIP GOD,(the Maker of HEAVEN AND EARTH -THE GIVER OF LIFE, BOTH ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN).  Man will be banned from the joys and glory of heaven:" (1 Corinthians 2:9) "Eyes have not seen,ears have not heard,nor has it entered into the imagination/heart of man,the things God has prepared for those who love Him" There is hope,joy,happiness for eternity for everyone who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Such  individual when he died,(gets to

spend eternity with God), in heaven,(away from tears,pain,sorrow,the

issues of life). But it will SAD FOR THOSE WHO REJECT GOD, AND THOSE

WHO COMMIT SUICIDE. How accept Christ Jesus::

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord

Jesus, and believe in your heart that God hath raised
Him  from the dead, you, shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believes unto righteousness;
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
(Romans 10:9 10)

 For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord  shall be saved."
(Romans 10:13)

The Issues of Life Prayer..

Dear heavenly father,I really want to die,I
want to take my life,but I don't want
to go to hell. 

Please heavenly father,I believe
that you are God,and you made this world.

and you send your son Jesus Christ

to die for my sins- In the name of

your son Jesus Christ..

Please change my desire from suicide. Help me to  love you with all my

heart. Give me joy and peace in my heart,
and help  me  to have a new beginning in you.

I want to serve you with all my heart
and soul, amen

Great issues of life  to death isnot the end.

The author of this suicide website
has attempted to provide quality
information to all its readers.She
believes 100% in the true word of
God,and has  attempted to present
it as accurately as possible in
its content.  She accept no
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