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Homeless in America

Why homeless help? because everyone of us in America, may reach a plateau in our life where it seemed we should be filled with joy at the top.

But that's when everything just stood still, (for a period of time). Or we may  jump off the plateau,(to suicide, without waiting to see what will happen). 

homeless beggar Chicago, homeless help
a homeless man begging, unemployed in Hartford

Many have killed themselves,during this period  of high(then sudden catastrophe). The career just took a sudden downhill plunge,(maybe because of age,or any other reason).  

It maybe within this period that some of us may lose everything, (and  become homeless).(john 16:33),but we can have peace.

PGM is a place to assist you to be more strengthened and focus.

Homeless and Needing Food and Shelter..

  • Whether you are living in  Chicago or  in another State, (homeless on the street),feeling frustrated. 
  •  Perhaps you  are a woman with  children, or anyone).  You wan to grow in your faith.   You can find help at Pacific Garden Mission.
  • Those who are homeless can find homeless help at the mission.
  • Stay at this State of the Art Facility, Pacific Garden Mission, is where military men and women were once welcome,(when a Military Base was once established in Chicago).
  • Just do not plan to stay as a homeless OVERNIGHT GUESS FOREVER. JOIN THE Alcohol Drug Rehab program;the Bible Program,or the (Cara Program).  Cara and others, will assist you in finding a job  after training,(even if your have a prison record).
  • Recruiters for low income housing are also available in the facility.
  • You will receive free quality meals,(free place to stay); 
  • Those who join the Bible Program, have the opportunity to join the Career Development after (8) months, where they will acquire training in computers. 
  • And commence GED preparation,(if they do not have a high school diploma). Some graduates (matriculate to college),for further advance certificate,and degree.

With Homelessness- Suicide is not an Option..

Do not commit suicide because your days are getting difficult,(with sleeping on concrete, and in boxes). There are better days ahead. 

The harsh,and painful times may be just for a moment longer.  Some quit when the journey became rocky,some quit when the  river of life sweep  them downstream,(it seems,to everlasting hardship).  

Do not give up,there's hope in this life,(but there's no hope in suicide, (if you kill yourself).

Women with Children Program

If you  are a woman with children living  on the streets,or you're wondering what to do. Women and children, are welcome at Pacific Garden Mission. 

Separate  accommodations  are provided for you;fully equipped quarters  are available to meet your needs. 

You will receive support,and even help to pursue your GED, if you haven't already done so,(if you decided to join the bible program.  

You children will be safe,well protected as you learn, (or you decided to to join Cara or other available program to assist you.

It doesn't matter where you're living,or what your race is, (or if you're living in a deplorable situation), and need help.

Perhaps you're a alcoholic, or a drug addict.  Were you released from prison? there is hope for you too,(but leave your prison attitude behind, and decide to start a new life.

Perhaps your home was  foreclosed,and you  have no place to go. Find help at the  Mission,(no one will judge you). 

Everyone of us have been down in the dumps sometime and need a helping hand. 

In this tough times,we all need a kind word, (or someone to physically guide us in a clear path to hope and life). 

Perhaps you have reached the age where your age is barrier in your career. You need to transition to a new career.

But you do not have the resources to make changes now, (you need income to continue your journey).

Pacific Garden  Mission Bible Program Graduates 

graduate 2016 Pacific Garden Mission bible program, homeless program

Above are students that have  graduated from the PGM 2016 bible program.  You too can be a recipient of one of theses programs: 

1. Alcohol and Drug Program

2. Women and Children program

3. Homeless help program

4. Bible program,(free accommodations and training for one year or more)

5. Career Development program  and (GED).

6. Assistance with filling out applications for low income houses

7. Recruiters for Cara Program, (PGM allowed you to live at the Facility, while

     participating in this program).

8. You can volunteer at Pacific Garden Mission.  

Affected by the Economy and  Need Homeless Help

Everyone of us have been affected by this economy,even the very rich,

(some more greatly than others).  So  cheer up! and find the help you need

  NOTE:              Not having somewhere to live,
                          is not a disease, or a crime,
                          it's a situation.
                          How many
                          respectable hardworking,
                          decent people are out of
                          work and unable to pay
                          their mortgage;(home
                          foreclose, and they
                          become instant homeless),
                          staying in shelters? 

They cannot seek homeless  help support  from family and friends, because their family and friends are also struggling with their own issues.

Go to PGM). Pacific Garden Mission,is  also a facility where the  UNSHACKLED Program is produced and broadcast. (All these drama are real life stories),

Pacific Garden Mission, homeless shelter

Pacific Garden Mission Drug and Alcohol Program

Pacific Garden Mission alcohol and drug program is a free 90 days program. However, after graduation, (most students continue on to the bible program). 

Although alcohol and drugs can be tedious to overcome,(God has delivered countless people without them experiencing the physical side effects of the withdrawal symptoms). 

I save personally witness and communicated  with some of these individuals who were once alcoholic and drug addicts,(in addiction for  35 years).

Or more but God has delivered them completely,(without any need for medical interventionsDo not commit suicide out of distress. 

Something good is waiting for you at the Mission,(hurry up and get it! God has a plan for your life).

Then you too can share your deliverance with others.  If you are feeling like  you want to hurt yourself,please call #312-492-9410,EX 2152

Directions to Pacific Garden Mission and Homeless Help

Pacific Garden Mission is located at- 1458 S Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60607 Phone: 312.492.9410 (a place for homeless help).

NORTH/SOUTH Driving directions:

Homeless people help support,change is coming..

If you or anyone is coming from the south,the best way to get to the Pacific

Garden Mission is to take.

1). The Interstate 90/94 to downtown Chicago. Exit at Congress Parkway.

2). Take the Canal Street exit,and go south 4 blocks to Pacific Garden Mission.

WEST Driving directions:

1)Take Interstate 290 east toward downtown Chicago

2). I-290 becomes Congress Parkway

3). When you arrive at Canal Street - exit right- and drive 4 blocks south to Pacific Garden Mission on the right.

1).  Take the RED,ORANGE OR GREEN LINE that is southbound.

2)   Get off the Roosevelt stop.

3).  Take the #12 Bus West to Canal Street,then walk 2 blocks to Pacific Garden

Mission. The fares $2.25.  purchase the  fare cards at any of the stations,(or on the bus),If you using the CTA.

Come by way of the (L) Train.I wish you God's riches blessings as you embrace a  new life!   you   can   find

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