God is evil

by God Lies
(Suicide is the answer)

The god is evil and a liar. I read those short stories in that book you call the old testament. That first story tells you (he lied because they ate the fruit and never died).The god is evil, he says so. He is good and evil, light and darkness,because he lets humans suffer, (no matter how much we begged him for help). But help never came and now I am going to kill myself. Life sucks.

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Life Sucks at Times-But God is Good
by: paulette

Whoever you are, (you need to be heard). You're angry with yourself, and life. I don't think that you are referring to the God of heaven,(who breathe into your nostrils, and you become a living soul).

You see, there are many gods,(Satan is a god in his own right too). So I'm very sorry that you feel the way you do, about a god that offended you.

I'm below the capacity to get into a scriptural battle with you,(I cannot defend the God of heaven, and earth). The God of the beginning and the end of the earth,(Numbers 23:19)"God is not human,that He should lie"(1 Peter 1:16). "God is Holy."

God's word is clear, (either you believe or you do not). Satan blind your eyes,and heart, so that you cannot see the scriptures clearly. According to (2 Peter 3:16)"People who are unlearned,unstable,wrestle with the scriptures unto their own destruction."

But The Almighty God is loving,merciful,kind, and forgiving. You just need repentance,(and forgiveness). The Almighty God, loves you,regardless of how bitter you are.

Do not kill yourself, (thinking that you're spiteing the Holy God of heaven). Satan will rejoice, and be happy for your soul in his kingdom.

Take the time to listen to these videos below,(just listen to the end,without your judgement...you could learn something about God, and be delivered at the same-time.
God bless you

1).. https://youtu.be/FdzVO1nHmZA

2). https://www.youtube.com/user/scoanvideos
(place in your browser)

I Hope that you are still alive!
I pray that your life will change.

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