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You may contact  me,(contact us).

Perhaps you need encouragement, I'M here.

Perhaps you struggle  with suicidal idealization,depression,alcohol abuse,and drug

addiction,remember do not give up.  DO NOT ALLOW SATAN TO WIN THE

FIGHT! - if YOU LET HIM WIN, you lose REAL BAD...

Perhaps you want to talk  about something that's bothering you.  You can always

write me, I will listen and send a word of encouragement to you, as I pray for you.

my dog chip is amazing please contact us

Contact us and read  about topics of interest you like

  •  Do you realize that there are people experiencing your pain, but experienced a changed life, miracle of the passion
  • Listen to  unshackled These are true stories of people all over the world whose lives are change,(radio drama).
  • 5 ways to help a teen with suicidal thoughts
  • God is a good and loving God,but you are puzzled,how can a loving God send you to hell...
  • Yes, there is life after suicide,(but it's not good).

Perhaps you are out of work and searching for a counseling job to help others.

check here for employment opportunities in counseling.  I cannot find work,so

i just want to drink because i cannot find work,job seekersSee what other

govern departments has to offer in employments resources

You may  be saying that no one cares, yes i do care.

Please let me know if you have a question or comment.        

                               contact us to life is precious...

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Thank you for visiting.

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