About me

                                      I created  this about me page
                                      to introduce  myself to you,
                                      and  to inform you why I
                                      created a suicide website.

Hello all,

I'm Paulette, a Registered nurse -I'm not a preacher, not a

teacher,not an Evangelist. I'm just a lay person,who studied God's Word.

   I know,believe that the bible is the TRUE Word of God, (I read it for myself).

I know for sure that God is REAL

 (with no exceptions). (I know for sure that
there's hope in Christ),I understand, and know for sure that God is the

"Giver"  and "Taker" of "life." 

God is the "creator" of this world, (no exceptions)..

about me Paula-do not commit suicide

My desire to create a website, started from a broken spirit, pain in my

heart that lingers.  I had a nagging sorrow, (grief for those who have

committed suicide), and a burden for those planning to kill them self.

I wondered,How could  innocent children; beautiful young people;

successful, well educated men and women,(even poor people with

wonderful family) or the lonely and forgotten, commit suicide

What made them consider  such a horrible evil and follow through with it. What

actually drive children and adults to decide, plan, then end their life?(boy 11   

commits suicide).

It's about me and what i feel for you,(the suicidal)

I'm grieved I know that the thought of death and dying and leaving 

this world  with its trouble enters everyone's  heart,(when in deep despair).     

But when we pray for help  and mercy,we are delivered. 

My heart grieved for those who have successfully  taken their life, and my heart

and soul  cry and moan for those who are contemplating taking their life.   

Cyber bullying suicide, suicide in every aspect of life grieve my soul.

Teenage suicide,alcohol depression suicide,anyone who have attempted

to kill them self  breaks my heart to pieces.

Drug addiction suicide, depression suicide, mental disturbance suicide , makes my

spirit within me faint with pain and sadness.

It's about me and what I observed  and believe
as a Medical Professional

  • As a Registered Nurse, I have cared for people
    of various races, age, socioeconomic background,
    and educational level, and find it interesting
    that human beings  are very  much alike,
    regardless of their status in life ...

  • When they hurt they cry,or moan..
  • When they have a wound or cut themselves, they bleed..
  • When they are lonely and hurt they are sad..
  • If they don't take care of their body, it will
    become disease- they will  become sick or die...
  • Death and disease doesn't respect wealth,
    education, or power.  Death  will destroy every-man..
  • Yes people hurt, cry and mourn the same way.  People
    wants to have peace, joy,happiness, and love the same way.

It's about me feeling that people don't generally want to commit suicide.

But when human beings hurt, they want  immediate pain relief.  And if the pain

doesn't cease,(they feel they can't endure it anymore). They may consider a quick

solution, a way out,(without considering the consequence)..  

Others just Romanticize suicide. I'm truly deeply  broken in spirit, heart and

soul, for those whom I have  read about; was informed of,' or whom I have seen

casually, who have  succeeded in  killing themselves

If only people Know what is Awaiting  Them in the Beyond after SUICIDE.....

The pain and sorrow after death  in suicide,is worst than the pain in

life.   I want everyone in pain to know that there is hope, but some are  gone

forever - I want everyone  to know that there  is someone who could help

them with their pain, and suffering,(Jesus Christ), but some are dead, no

more to be in this life forever,they are gone into on everlasting eternity...

Then I realize that I can help those who are left  behind   and are

contemplating the same dark path, ("self death" "self murder" "suicide").

About me and Why I'm Trying To Save a Soul and a Life

I'm here merely attempting to point people away from destruction,  those

who wants to quit forever living, and destroy themselves

prematurely, and brutally, ( I'm attempting to lead them to the way of

peace, healing,hope, forgiveness, deliverance, and salvation.)  Then

they can decide their  true destiny; what they are going to do with their

precious soul.

About Me-Believing what the Bible said..

Heaven/Hell is Real-Yes, it's about me saying to the world from my heart.

"It's appointed unto man once to die, then after death, comes the

judgment "Hebrews 9:27.  I want to go to heaven when I died, and I want others

to enjoy heaven with me, and not to be sent to hell. what about you? 

I do not know the suicidal, but I'm afraid for them. Those who have sold their

soul to the devil.   People who have life on earth now, and have not yet

committed suicide, they have hope; those who have committed suicide died and

went to hell, if they were still alive on earth, there would have been hope for

them.  But  once they are dead, they are gone forever, there's no coming


I'm attempting to save a life and a soul from hell...

To stop someone from committing "self murder"

About me, contact me if you wish.   Reaching people in every aspect

of life  to find eternal hope.

Best regards,


The author of this suicide website
has attempted to provide quality
information to all its readers.She
believes 100% in the true word of
God,and has  attempted to present
it as accurately as possible in
its content.  She accept no
liability of any kind for any
losses,victory,joy,Healing, caused directly

or indirectly from using the
information of this website.