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Drug Addiction-"I Want To Kill Myself"

Your life feels ruined with drug addiction,you cry "I want to commit suicide". You're frustrated,angry,sick and tired of your lifestyle. But you have hope and deliverance waiting for you.

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A Soldier Suicide - A Mind At War!

Dear soldier you are special,you are unique, why a soldier suicide? It takes a very special person like you to be a soldier.Don't take your life,there's hope!

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Great Issues Of Life "suicide"

Great Issues of life crammed your mind. Want to suicide because of cyber bullying,pain of life, a degree w/no job, home foreclose,vehicle repossessed,homeless, living in your vehicle,there's/HOPE.

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Suicide Is Not Painless- Do Not Deceive Yourself!

Suicide is Not painless! you may not experience pain with the best suicide method. But pain will come eventually,even after death.Suicide is Not OK,Do not do it! know the Truth!

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Teenage suicide- "I Want To Commit Suicide"

Teenage suicide-As a teenager, you face stress,anxiety,depression.The challenges of everyday life,but you're unique,special in God's eyes. Believe me,there's hope for you now.

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