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Suicide- Your Precious Life...

I'm determined to commit suicide. I'm depressed, feeling hopeless, helpless.I want to!

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Alcohol Suicide-I'm Tired I want to Die-

Alcohol increases fun,boldness,and decrease shyness. Sharing a glass of wine/beer with family/friends,warms the heart/spirit. But consequences of alcohol is deadly when lead to addiction and alcohol suicide.

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My Life Sucks- I Just Want To Die..

My life sucks. I hate My life,I can't stand myself anymore.I lost everything that mean so much to me. I want to commit suicide.

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Death by Suicide-Is Not a Joke

When life leads to despair, we all want to die. As a child, I contemplated death by suicide. Later in life as I reflect, I realize how irrational and impulsive I was. I was rescued.

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