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Alcohol Suicide-I "I'm a Alcoholic I'm Tired"- I want to Die-

Awaken again in another strange places,with someone I don't know,and wondering how i got there, I'm desperate for another drink. Alcohol suicide crammed my thoughts,I hate my life!

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Suicide- Your Precious Life...

Suicide-Do Not Take Your Precious Life!feeling helpless,hopeless,suicidal thoughts crammed your mind,experiencing bullying,depression,loneliness,unemployment, foreclosure.Don't kill yourself!

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About Me @

About me,I hate suicide. I've seen the destruction of attempted/failed suicide. I literally cared for such individuals,I've witness pain/shame in such family.Do not take your precious life!

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Unemployment - Suicide- Unemployed in America

Unemployment,and being employed in America can rob any man of his sanity, unemployment drains your energy,and it may even take away your pride and self respect.

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My Life Sucks- I Just Want To Die..

I hate myself,my life sucks, I'm depressed,I can't stand myself,nothing makes me happy,I cannot feel love.I just want to die.

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