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I Hate My Life - I Want To Comit Suicide

I really hate life, I hate my life, life sucks,I want to die.I want to suicide. Is there a reason to go on l iving?

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Japanese Students Suicide- Where is Your Destiny?

Hi amazing Japanese students,please meet my friend,He wants to meet you too. He designs the suicide forest, where some Japanese students suicide,and other weary souls depart!

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Suicide Not Impartial To Who You Are...

Suicide not impartial -Anyone,anywhere can be affected by suicide. If we stay depressed,discouraged, and filled with deep despair. Without help, we can destroy our soul with suicide.

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Suicide- Your Precious Life...

Suicide-Do Not Take Your Precious Life!feeling helpless,hopeless,suicidal thoughts crammed your mind,experiencing bullying,depression,loneliness,unemployment, foreclosure.Don't kill yourself!

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Suicide Is Not Painless- Do Not Deceive Yourself!

Suicide is Not painless! you may not experience pain with the best suicide method. But pain will come eventually,even after death.Suicide is Not OK,Do not do it! know the Truth!

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