Suicide- Do Not
Take Your Precious Life

Suicide- Right now you’re feeling frustrated, angry, sad, broken in every aspect of your life, (your soul is paralyzed in pain).  

The project you planned out so meticulously failed,(NOW, you are crying in your soul what  do I do next?  Everything seemed impossible,you feel that  it will not succeed). 

sad young woman,suicide your precious life

Do Not Take Your Life-It's Not Over For You..

“This is it! You said, I cannot do this ANYMORE, IT’S ALL OVER FOR ME.”  “I tried,and tried, and I tried some more but now I fail again.”  "THIS TIME I AM GOING TO END IT ALL."  

No you cannot die, you may be lonely, (your heart  has broken it seems in pieces). You feel that no one loves you, no one cares, (you're friendless,loveless, perhaps even broke).

There is hope for you. You may be that individual  who have lost your job,(now your home is in foreclosure). Perhaps your spouse,friends,family, (have rejected you).  

You're financially embarrass,and malnourished,(still there's hope).  In your area,(go to a police station),and ask for assistance (to find a shelter). 

Perhaps you are being molested, (and you feel that you have no one to  talk to). You are scared,(you do not trust anyone because you feel that  they may hurt you too. 

Now your are contemplating killing yourself,(no, do not kill you self to please anyone).   When you died, they will continue living,(but your soul will suffer the consequences of your actions for eternity. 

The Journey of Your Life is tumultuous-Do Not Kill Yourself

Please hear me out?  Truly there is hope, believe me there is hope.

Even in the “Red Sea “ of your life, where,
it seems, there  is absolutely no crossing over the
HORRID water of life. 

Where the (SEA of life overflow
the banks of your soul),and the billows of life
are raging SO high,(WITH NO HOPE IN SIGHT, there's hope.

There's no Moses to part the water,(to assist you to  the  other side,(no Ship, no Boat, no Canoes, absolutely nothing insight o help you cross over the water  to victory -to freedom,and success (still there is hope!).

Suicide  Is Not The Solution-Your Life is Precious

Killing yourself will only get you deeper in sorrow and pain for eternity.  You must hang in there,(There is precious hope!!).

  • Please do not give in to death!
  • Please do not give up!
  • Please do not end it all.

Perhaps you are bleeding  profusely,(IN YOUR SOUL), and nothing  seems to stop the blood from  flowing).  

STILL DO NOT QUIT LIFE.  Use the (tourniquet of prayer), to stop the blood.   This pain, and anguish,prevents you from even shedding tears. (STILL DO NOT GIVE UP),THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!

You cannot DIE TODAY, TOMORROW, OR ANY OTHER DAY. Do not give into the voice that said: (COMMIT SUICIDE). That voice is Satan's Demons sent to destroy you.

Do Not Give Into Suicide-I Care About You

Suicide- is a hopeless destiny for eternity. TAKING YOUR LIFE, is (not the way out  for your depression, and your pain),there's a way out!. 

Teens, perhaps you are experiencing cyber bullying; (bullying at school and elsewhere), but do not destroy your life,and eternal soul.  

People of every (nation, age, socioeconomic status,educational level),you may be (experiencing depression, mental illness, and deeply despaired). 

The problems you're currently facing are not too difficult to be delivered from. There is hope!  (DO NOT QUIT NOW).

Whisper a Prayer When the Voice Command You to Suicide

Unfortunately, some individuals successfully killed themselves abruptly without plan, (while  others have planned their exit,as if they were planning an exciting) and unforgettable,adventure to another country. 

Some are  secretly planning their death precisely in every detail at  this very moment.(do not listen to those voices commanding you to suicide. Do

Not believe that  DEATH will relieve your pain forever). It's a BIG LIE FROM SATAN TO STEAL .YOUR SOUL

Killing Yourself is Not The Solution-Choose Your Destiny Wisely

 As you read,You MUST BELIEVE, (your life will change, and so will your destiny).

God wants you alive to change your life. I'm talking about the God who CREATED the heaven and the earth,(not an idol god). 

God created man to dwell on earth for His purpose.   Why would I CARE SO MUCH for you? (because I love you i Christ, and I'm scared for your weary life), SCARED FOR YOU SOUL!!

BELIEVE ME, I PLEAD WITH YOU!!I'm not leading you astray).


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