Suicide-Do Not Take
Your Precious Life!...

Suicide- is a hopeless destiny for eternity. Suicide is (not the way out

for depression, pain,loneliness sadness,bullying,foreclosure,joblessness, any

issues), there's a way out!.  The thought of killing yourself,gives you peace-NOW!

Stop! Do Not Take Your Precious Life!  killing yourself,is not the way

OUT! Teens, experiencing cyber bullying; bullying at school and elsewhere.

People of every nations, age, socioeconomic status,educational level, 

experiencing depression, mental illness,deeply despaired because of life's 

great issues,(the problems they are facing). 

sad young woman sitting alone,precious life suicide

Some individuals successfully killed themselves abruptly without plan, while

others have planned their exit,(as if they were planning a exciting and

unforgettable),adventure to another country.  Some are  secretly planning their death precisely in every detail at  this very moment.  All, (including yourself, believe that "suicide" or "self  murder" will relieve your pain forever). Are you absolutely sure about that?

Do Not Contemplate self Murder! my soul cry for you....

  1. You maybe paralyzed with pain

  2. The agony of heart break is devastating your spirit

  3. You are hurting deeply

  4. The pain, and sorrow  of life is tearing you apart

  5. You are crying,shaking in your body

  6. You cannot eat, you cannot sleep,you cannot concentrate.

Whoever you  are, (wherever you are in the world) - there's joy, peace,and happiness on earth for you,(with God's mercy and Grace).  Then  when your life is finally over,(when you trust completely in God),the Maker  of Heaven,and Earth,(there's eternal freedom from pain), and suffering, in heaven for you at the end of your journey from this life,(when God said it's time for you to come home).  Whether you  believe   it or not...Whether the bible mentioned the word  "suicide" or not.  You are committing "self murder" and condemning your eternal soul,(you are sinning against God, sinning against your body,sinning against your soul.

"What does it profit a man,
if he gains the whole world,
but lose his soul?" what
can a man give in exchange
for his soul?(Hebrew 9:27)

Whether you are rich, or poor, (nothing you do), can appease the

Great Creator  for a payment for your soul, (but through the blood of

Jesus Christ, you can repent of your sins), and begin a new life that leads

to peace with God. Give yourself a few minutes to think, to believe, to

absorb the message that is being presented to you. Consume this though\

deep within your heart and soul...I will not murder myself!

Suicide - Is Not The Way To Heaven!

Everyone who talks about heaven, and longs for heaven aren't

going here.  Heaven is a Holy place.  Heaven is God's Dwelling place, (1

Kings 8:49)Heaven is God Eternal Home, Heaven is  a place that God

prepared for the righteous, the holy, those who love and serve Him.

(whether you believe in God or not, this word is TRUE AND FAITHFUL).

killing YOURSELF, will not  allow you to get through the gates of heaven,

(no sin can enter heaven). PLEASE DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!!

Suicide is one of Satan's method to destroy weak frail soul

Killing yourself is one of Satan's method to draw people away from God

into his kingdom for eternity.  But there is eternal hope for you... Give

God a chance in your heart and soul. Give (the BODY, and LIFE),  you

were about to destroy with  eternal death,(and away from God forever),

GIVE  it  to God.... (God, can give you a NEW LIFE on earth),and make you

PURE  AND HOLY, for heaven.. DO NOT KILL YOUR SELF! (you are

forewarned),of   the Eternal DESTRUCTION, that is waiting for anyone who

commit such a evil,(if you disregard God's warning to you and MURDER

YOURSELF, anyway! Be Prepared for your everlasting terror!

Do Not Discover in Death, when Your Soul begins to Travel to its Destiny,that you Made a DREADFUL MISTAKE...but now it's too Late to CHANGE YOUR MIND..... "KILLING YOURSELF" IS NOT THE WAY!!!

The author of this suicide website
has attempted to provide quality
information to all its readers.She
believes 100% in the true word of
God,and has  attempted to present
it as accurately as possible in
its content.  She accept no
liability of any kind for any
losses,victory,joy,Healing, caused directly

or indirectly from using the
information of this website.

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